Four Things That Are True About Everyone You Meet

If God has touched our hearts in any real way, it will show up in our relationships.  What does it mean when I say ‘If God has touched our hearts’?  That means we are aware that we are a mess, and we can’t do anything about it.  We know we can’t live out who we want to be.  We know there is sin in us, and we can’t do anything about it.  We are stuck. And yet, in . . . Read More »

The Product Of Humility In Our Lives

Have you ever been around a person who just makes you feel better about yourself?  Every time you are with them you walk away from them with more energy, and just feeling good?  Have you ever stopped and thought about why that person makes you feel so much better about yourself?  I wonder what characteristics we would begin to list out about this person, think about it for a moment.  Everyone of our lists would have some common . . . Read More »

5 Indicators You Might Be Selfish

What I love about the Bible is, it answers every practical question we have about life.  We are in a study of Philippians.  So far, scripture has given us the answers to the following questions.  What does it mean that we can make our plans, but God decides my steps?  What is the core of Christianity?  How do we live with ferocious courage?  How do we live as Christians in a world that hates Jesus?  All those questions . . . Read More »

4 Simple Questions That Can Change The Game

So we are rolling right along in our series Different and from week 1 I wanted you to see that when we encounter Jesus we will actually be different because of God’s love living and active in our lives!  It’s all about life change.  We love talking about life change at MRC because seeing our lives change spiritually, living differently makes this so real, and we love it when our spirituality is real!  Being different spiritually affects you, . . . Read More »

Keeping Your Focus

I have to tell you, I have really enjoyed this series so far.  We kicked off 2018, and our church with this idea of making a commitment to being different in 2018 and beyond.  So by now you are probably picking up on the idea that here at MRC we want you to be engaging God in such a way that you are different from your encounter with Him.  That is a really big deal to us, because life change means . . . Read More »

Our Selfish Secret

1 Corinthians 13 Let’s do a quick review. Paul started a church in the city of Corinth. Years later, Paul was in Ephesus and hears that things in the church of Corinth are a mess. So Paul has to write them a letter. It’s called Corinthians. In this letter, Paul has to address several things because the believers in Corinth are new and they are dragging the sin and junk from their culture into the church and it’s . . . Read More »

Can I Die Without Dying?

So we have been walking through a series where we are really looking at some of the foundational truths of our belief system.  We hit on things like love and grace, and the Bible, and worship, and following Jesus…and I loved Ken’s talk last week on community.  Boy oh boy, can that community thing really get messed up inside a church setting.  What is interesting to me is how we would actually expect anything else!  We take a . . . Read More »