What Does It Mean to Trust God?

Last week Sam shared a Harvard Business School study.  They asked one question.  Do you have a set written goals and created a plan for their attainment?  Prior to graduation, it was determined that 84% of the entire class had set no goals at all.  13% of the class had set written goals but had no concrete plans.  3% of the class had both written goals and concrete plans. What was the result 10 years later?  The 13% of . . . Read More »

Our Country is a Mess, Here’s Why

Let’s start with this verse.  This is probably one of the darkest time periods in the Bible. In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. NLT Judges 21:25 Doesn’t that sound like our culture today?  Everyone is doing whatever seems right in their own eyes.  Wow.  It’s what Sam talks about.  It’s time travel.  It’s like the writers of the Bible jumped into a time machine to visit . . . Read More »

Spiritual Warfare Inside Community – Don’t Drop The Rope!

So today we are coming to the conclusion of the Spiritual Warfare series, and I have to tell you that I will be sad to see this one go.  Because it is just so important to us that we see this stuff for what it is and engage into it with intentionality.  Here at MRC we care about you so much and it has really been our biggest prayer through this series that we would be able to . . . Read More »

Appetites-How Do You Turn Down The Volume?

So last week was a big week here at MRC, and I have to tell you it was a tough week for me to communicate for a couple different reasons.  First, in my opinion, outside of the Good News of the Gospel I don’t believe there is anything more important for us to understand and engage into than Spiritual Warfare.  So I can get a little excited over this topic.  I pray all week long for our spiritual . . . Read More »

Worship…a moment vs a Lifestyle

You know there are moments in my life when I’m really aware of God.  How about you?  There are moments in my life when I am full of worship for Him.  For me I am so focused on Him in those moments looking at the sunrise or the sunset.  It’s like I can feel God tapping me on the shoulder and saying “Hey Sam…look at what I have done.”  And it always amazes me.  Often times when I . . . Read More »

Lovers Of Emptiness…No Way, Not Me!

So today should be interesting, because I am speaking to you about another way to wreck your heart.  That is to run to things for what only God can give you.  What we are talking about today is idol worship.  Now I know for a lot of us when we talk about idol worship you think of stuff.   You picture the children of Israel bowing down to the Golden Calf, and think who in their right mind would . . . Read More »