Another very popular question around churches is, what do you do for discipleship?  What we find is that the term discipleship can mean different things to different people.  Some want to grow spiritually.  Some just want friendships and to hang out which is ok, but at MRC we would call that community.  For MRC, we are passionate about Spiritual Growth, but have found that many people ask for discipleship but really aren’t looking to grow Spiritually.  We love diving into the true realities, and challenges of life because we all experience them.  When we engage true discipleship through the deeper realities of life it can lead us to actually walking in that abundant life to the full that Jesus told you He came to provide for us all along…that we all want, but often wonder why we just don’t seem to experience!

We do offer discipleship classes that will lead you through Emotional and Spiritual Health.  It’s all there for you if you want to engage your heart.  Are you up for this?  If so reach out to us, check social media to see when and where our discipleship groups are meeting and engage!  If you aren’t interested in going deeper and engaging the realities in life, you may be mistaking discipleship for community, which is a popular thing that happens around churches!  All good, just go to MRC Community page here in the ‘What We Do Section’ of the site to learn more about community!

Here’s some powerful thoughts on discipleship and our heart for it!