When will the local church focus on people who are torn up in this world?

Brian Welch I am Second video. Do you know what I see and hear in this video? There is a world full of people who have been torn apart. They are in deep pain and they have no idea how much God is over-the-top in love with them. They have no idea about how God can redeem them. They have no idea about being in God’s presence. Please hear me tell you, many of them are soft hearted, . . . Read More »

The Priority of God: It might not be you

We are in the middle of March Madness. And yes, I love it. It’s the tournament of the best 64 basketball teams. Each team has a slogan to remind the players to work hard. Or, be a team. Or, sacrifice for a greater cause. They use these slogans to try to get the team focused. If you recently graduated High School, you probably have a crew of kids you hang out with. And everyone in that group knows . . . Read More »

Love Before Freedom

I hope that your summer has been going well for you and your families. I know that I’ve been enjoying the longer day and the cool nights, and I know my pregnant wife has really really been enjoying the super hot and sunny days. Last week we talked about everyone’s favorite church topic, sex, and it went so well, this week I thought I’d give my somewhat newly married perspective on it! Just kidding. No, we are actually . . . Read More »

Do You Remember?

So today we are going to jump ahead a little in our study of 1 Corinthians and at Chapter 9.  It’s a Better Together Sunday which means the children stay in the service with us today.  So here’s the deal, next week you will probably understand why we skipped ahead a bit as Ken drops back into Chapter 5, BUT there is a major benefit to this and it is absolutely intentional that Chapter 9 is placed on . . . Read More »

Spiritual Warfare Inside Community – Don’t Drop The Rope!

So today we are coming to the conclusion of the Spiritual Warfare series, and I have to tell you that I will be sad to see this one go.  Because it is just so important to us that we see this stuff for what it is and engage into it with intentionality.  Here at MRC we care about you so much and it has really been our biggest prayer through this series that we would be able to . . . Read More »

The Greatest Invitation You Will Ever Have and how we mess it up

I have a couple questions for you. What is it that you dream about? How much passion do you experience in your daily life? Are you growing, learning new things and excited about it? How often do you take risks that require God’s power? Are you a part of something bigger than yourself? I ask you these questions because last week Sam said that we can live bold and free. 18 My dear children, let’s not just talk . . . Read More »

It’s Not The Finish Line

You know by now that I have grown up around the church.  I spent my first few years on this planet as a Youth Group mascot and I loved it.  We went on missions trips.  We had the youth over all the time for sledding, and mud football in the farmer’s field behind my home in McAllisterville, Pa.  They would play baseball and basketball with me, and I grew up watching my father teach these young men and . . . Read More »

Sure Would Be Easier To KEEP The Peace

You know this series we are in is really interesting.  We have been able to talk about some really big subjects like grace, and The Bible, and Following Jesus, and community and last week Kim and I had a chance to talk to you about serving others.  Serving others is a really big deal here at MRC and I felt like we really had to go after the importance of living our lives as Jesus lived his.  I . . . Read More »

Can I Die Without Dying?

So we have been walking through a series where we are really looking at some of the foundational truths of our belief system.  We hit on things like love and grace, and the Bible, and worship, and following Jesus…and I loved Ken’s talk last week on community.  Boy oh boy, can that community thing really get messed up inside a church setting.  What is interesting to me is how we would actually expect anything else!  We take a . . . Read More »

Toxic People Kill Community

Why is community, why are relationships, so hard? You can replace the word ‘community’ with the following; school friendships, marriage, work place, church, sports teams, etc. In each of these relationships, community can be a challenge. Why is it that in high school, someone can say you are best friends and then a month later, that person takes an instragram picture of them around a fire put with their friends and you aren’t there. That hurts. Why is . . . Read More »