Jesus Wants You to Change How You View Yourself

Today I close our series called, “What Is The Point Of Church?’  We took over thirteen weeks to talk about Church.  To give you a snapshot of what is happening in the Churches across North America today, we shared lots of stats with you.  We talked about how people view Church verse how God views Church.  Church, we discovered, IS God’s body on earth.  As God’s body, it’s God’s primary way he wants people to know about His . . . Read More »

Being A Christian Is Really Hard If You Don’t Understand God’s Love & Believe It Is True For You

We have been in a big conversation this year that has all been built around one very specific and popular question.  That question is, what’s the point of church?  This has been a lot of fun and has given us an opportunity to explore just how important, and often misunderstood, church and church life can be.  We have been able to talk about the truth behind what church should be, and what it should not be, and we . . . Read More »

God’s Offer: Forgiveness, Grace, Righteouness

I have three questions for you to begin today. Question 1: Have you experienced God’s forgiveness?  That means you lived with guilt and shame because you knew you had sin in your life, and you couldn’t do anything to get rid of it.  That guilt and shame seemed to stick to you like cement boots.  They wore you out.  Then you prayed and asked God to forgive you and you felt God forgive you.  The cement boots were shattered.  . . . Read More »

Grasping The Enormity, Mindset, & Mentality of Jesus

We have been in an important conversation here in 2023 that has centered around one very specific and popular question these days.  That question is “What’s the point of church?”  It’s a question many people wrestle with these days in the world you and I live in today.  This has given us a great opportunity to hit a lot of big and often misunderstood concepts about the church.  We have looked at how we should view church individually . . . Read More »

Do You Believe: The Glory of God is Inside You?

Before we jump into today, I must stop and talk about last week at MRC.  It was an awesome day for our spiritual family.  Both MRC and MRG were together.  Both worship teams sang.  During announcements, Pat shared sad news that Ray from MRG passed away while working on his house for his family.  Immediately lots of guys stepped up to love Ray’s family and finish what he stared.  When someone passes it’s hard because we will always . . . Read More »

If God Is For Us Who or What Ever Could Stop or Discourage Us?

Today is a very special day, it’s a combined service where both Heidlersburg and Dillsburg get to worship together.  This is something we always wanted as we plant churches, for all of us to have opportunities like this because we truly are one church in multiple locations.  We are also right in the middle of a really important conversation that centers around one very important and popular question.  That question is what is the point of church?  Quite . . . Read More »