The Key To Experiencing Our Best Lives Possible

I would like to ask you a couple of questions here as we get started today.  First, I want you to think about this.  Are you able to just be yourself around people?  Can you be yourself around people regardless of the environment you are in…church, home, work, wherever?  Why is it so hard for us people to just be ourselves, and just be honest about who we are and who we are not?  Well, I want to . . . Read More »

Are You Experiencing The Overwhelming Victory That is Yours Through Jesus?

It’s Easter Sunday, which is a day of celebration.  It’s often a busy day of family get-togethers, Easter baskets, and Easter Egg Hunts.  For many, it’s a day to dress a little nicer to go to church, and for some, it’s a tradition to go to church on bigger holidays like Christmas and Easter.  So, for many inside their churches, it’s an exciting day with visitors and more attendance and energy around the church services.  And all this . . . Read More »

The Cost of Insecurity and People Pleasing

Today, we will give you a test.  It’s ‘thee’ test to see if you struggle with being insecure and if it is impacting your relationship with others and God.  How will we do that today?  We will be looking into the life of one of the key leaders in the Old Testament and the decisions he made.  He was insecure.  He was a people pleaser.  He struggled to be fully surrendered to God.  And because of that, he . . . Read More »