The Foundation Matters

Good morning! We have reached the end of the sermon on the mount. We’ve worked our way through Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5, 6 and 7. I was just thinking, can you imagine sitting and listening to Jesus teach this whole thing? We’ve gone through this series all summer long! So really, however long I may take today is nothing in comparison to how long the original sermon was, so don’t keep checking the time. I promise not . . . Read More »

How Do I Find Myself?

So ever since we began this church in January we have been working our way through one big series called ‘Different.’  This series has meant a lot to me, because the whole idea is that we should be different because of our encounter with God and His amazing love for us.  When God’s love is pouring into and out of us we can’t help but change, we can’t help but be different.  I think this has been a phenomenal way for . . . Read More »

The Way, The Truth, The Life…and Why It Matters

Well today is Easter Sunday which is a really big deal in our faith.  Actually it’s the biggest deal to our faith because it is the day we celebrate the greatest thing that could ever happen in the history of our lives, which is God loving us so much that He would send Jesus to this Earth, to handle our sin problem for us, to lay down His life for us, changing our eternal destiny.  So yeah, it’s a pretty . . . Read More »

4 Simple Questions That Can Change The Game

So we are rolling right along in our series Different and from week 1 I wanted you to see that when we encounter Jesus we will actually be different because of God’s love living and active in our lives!  It’s all about life change.  We love talking about life change at MRC because seeing our lives change spiritually, living differently makes this so real, and we love it when our spirituality is real!  Being different spiritually affects you, . . . Read More »

Seeing Life Through The Gospel

So about three weeks ago we had an eclipse.  Do you guys remember that?  How could you not remember that right?  I mean we had a wide range of emotions in people over that moment, everything from excitement, to fear that the world would end.  We had people driving all over the country to see it, to people really trying to figure out if their pets would go blind if they let them outside.  We had weeping news . . . Read More »

So Bad, They Became a Verb

Today we begin our series on 1 Corinthians. This Sunday, it’s my job to give you the context of this letter. So when you leave today, we hope that you have a clear understanding the timing of this letter, the author, the city and what this letter means to us. This entire story begins in the book of Acts. Jesus was crucified, resurrected and ascended into heaven. Then around two months later [7 weeks], we read in the . . . Read More »

You CAN Handle The Truth

Good morning! I’m mostly recovered from our youth retreat from this past weekend and I’m excited to be talking with you today! We’re into this series now called My Story, and hopefully you’ve gotten the gist that through this series, we are hoping to show you that as your story is being written, you’re going to have competing decisions to make in your life, and each of those decisions, whether good or bad, will become part of your . . . Read More »

My Story – Counterfeit vs Real – There’s Only One Way.

So last week we kicked off a brand new series here at MRC called “My Story.”  What we are doing is looking at seven choices that we make that will forever mark our story spiritually.  Last week, on Easter with all of our friends here that we haven’t seen since Christmas we hit a big one.  We looked at the decision we can make that will absolutely change the course of our spiritual journeys forever…that choice was to . . . Read More »

How To Know If You Are Having An Affair, On God

  We are in a spiritual warfare series. Sam, over the last two weeks, has shared something very important that I have to start with. It doesn’t matter if you believe in spiritual warfare or if you don’t believe in spiritual warfare, you are feeling the effects of it. How do I know? Because everything in life is coming against you to send you a message, “You are a failure, you don’t add up, you are alone, just . . . Read More »