Christian Atheist – Is God the Basis of Truth?

Last year, the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults from four major groups: Pentecostals, Charismatics, Mainline Protestants, and Catholics about 51 topics including marriage, absolute truth, the sanctity of human life, and the authority of the Bible. The leading researcher, George Barna, concluded the following.  “The most startling realization is how many people in our churches are adopting unbiblical beliefs.  American Christians are undergoing a ‘post-Christian Reformation.’  It certainly seems as if the . . . Read More »

Holding On To The Truth

So today we continue our first big series of 2019 entitled, “What is your kryptonite?” and here’s the idea.  There is a way that we should or could be living our lives as disciples of Jesus.  As we read scripture it is pretty clear that our lives should be described a certain way.  Through the course of this series I have really been using three very specific words on what the life of a disciple of Christ should . . . Read More »

The Way Through

So today, we continue this I Am Second series looking at Brian Welch, who was a musician in the band Korn.  I’m excited because as I watched his story I realized even though he is a famous rock star, with fame, and fortune, and all that comes with that rock star life, he also deals with a lot of what you and I deal with.  When I watch his testimony I see that Brian is in the whirlwind of life, . . . Read More »

How Do I Know If I Think I am ‘god’

Today, when someone says, “Don’t judge me,” that basically means, they want unlimited approval of everything they do. Every thought. Every belief. Every bad decision. Every moral decision. Accept me for who I am. Approve of me, no matter what I do.   Validate me, no matter how badly I perform. And if you don’t, you are mean. You are judging. You hate. Any negative feedback, anything less than 100% approval, is called judging and it is offensive and . . . Read More »

The Way, The Truth, The Life…and Why It Matters

Well today is Easter Sunday which is a really big deal in our faith.  Actually it’s the biggest deal to our faith because it is the day we celebrate the greatest thing that could ever happen in the history of our lives, which is God loving us so much that He would send Jesus to this Earth, to handle our sin problem for us, to lay down His life for us, changing our eternal destiny.  So yeah, it’s a pretty . . . Read More »

Depressed, Lonely, No Future What Do I Do?

We are in a series called Different. If you want to be different spiritually, we need to make a commitment to be different. A quick recap of where we have been. If you want to start a relationship with God, it begins with being broken. That means you see your need of God. You realize you need someone to rescue you. Someone who can wash your soul clean. Being broken is key. Why? Because when you are broken, . . . Read More »

You CAN Handle The Truth

Good morning! I’m mostly recovered from our youth retreat from this past weekend and I’m excited to be talking with you today! We’re into this series now called My Story, and hopefully you’ve gotten the gist that through this series, we are hoping to show you that as your story is being written, you’re going to have competing decisions to make in your life, and each of those decisions, whether good or bad, will become part of your . . . Read More »

The Last Thing Your Enemy Would Ever Want You To Know

So we have started a new series where we are talking about Spiritual Warfare.  It is always so interesting to me how we can react to discussions on this topic…first and foremost outside of you understanding the Gospel for what it is, I’m not sure there is something more important to understand, and engage into, because whether you want to get into it or not, you are in a Spiritual Battle.  You don’t get to not play, just . . . Read More »

The Risk, The Reward, The Relationship

So if you have been here through the first few weeks of our “Risk” series you are starting to see just how important a relationship with God really is.  That love that’s found in that relationship becomes the fuel that allows us to care enough for others to help them find God just like we are finding God and at the very center of your relationship with God is prayer.  Communicating with your Heavenly Father, talking to Him . . . Read More »