Success Series – Let’s Talk About The Heart

It’s hard to believe this, but our big fall series on Spiritual Success is starting to wind down!  Ken will be closing it out next week, time sure flies when you are having fun!  This means that the next time I will be talking to you it will be in our Christmas series, called “Missing Jesus.”  I’m somewhere between shocked that the Holidays are right in front of us, and excited about the new Christmas conversation we will . . . Read More »

Some Parts of Reality Are Just Hard To Embrace

So last week was a special week, which culminated in an awesome Sunday service.  We had the opportunity to celebrate Mountain Ridge Church turning 20 years old.  That is a big deal, and I’m so thankful that we took the time to break out of our normal routines, and Sunday Services and just to celebrate the place that means so much to so many of us.  It also gave us the opportunity to reflect on MRC, the life . . . Read More »

Success Series – The Doing For God Must Come From The Being With God

Have you noticed how often God seems to lead us to do things in a specific way in life that seems to be like the exact opposite way that we would plan or design things to be done?  These things can bring a lot of tension to our lives if we aren’t willing to live fully surrendered to God.  I mean Jesus tells us things like if we want to be first, we should what?  Be last!  Remember . . . Read More »