A popular focus and question when people visit or attend church centers around “Community.” Our priority for all of those who come to MRC is that they are introduced to Jesus and begin to engage and prioritize a personal relationship with Him.  That is our highest priority and something that we believe cannot be overlooked or replaced with busyness or activities…even good positive Christian activities.  Many hear this and are disappointed.  They come to the conclusion that we don’t engage community or that we don’t believe in community or that we ignore community altogether, but that simply isn’t true.  We believe in community, and gathering together for fun, for outreach, and to grow!  We just will never relent on the most important thing, which is being with Jesus.  We believe in this area so much that we are adding a staff member specifically to engage our community for all MRC locations, to plan events for those in the church, outreach events to help reach the community, and to just get a greater pulse of where people are so that we can connect with each other and also help connect those far from God to Him!  Sounds fun doesn’t it?

If you are interested in community at MRC or just want to know more about community events at MRC please reach out to Patrick Wolfkill at the contact info below.

Upcoming Community Events:

Sunday, October 24th at 6pm at The Warehouse

     The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Sunday, November 28th at 6pm at The Warehouse

     Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

*arrive at 5pm to take your own pictures with The Grinch and Santa!

Sunday, December 12th at 6pm at The Warehouse 

     Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

*arrive at 5pm to take your own pictures with Santa!