church1There are many different ways to serve at MRC.  Without all the amazing people who volunteer their time, resources, energy, and talents to MRC…none of this would be possible!  Here’s the different foundational teams that keep MRC running at a high level!

The Support Team
The support team has many different layers.  They take care of the inside of the building and the outside of the building.  They take care of building maintenance and the entire property. They take care of our finances, the website, and all the technology used by MRC.

The Vision Team
The Vision team is just that, a team focused on the greater vision.  A group of people trying to keep MRC on mission, while looking at the larger visionary, short-term, intermediary, and long-term plans and goals of MRC.

Safety Team
This group is dedicated to the safety of the people coming and going from MRC.  They look after the lobby, the parking lot, and support the staff anyway possible on Sunday mornings to keep things running smoothly.

This fun bunch is really the first people you will meet at MRC.  They are there to help you feel welcome when you come in the doors!  If you aren’t sure where to go or what to do, the greeters will be there with a hand shake and a smile to help you find your way!

Coffee Team
When you come to MRC you will see a coffee bar, and light refreshments that are offered to everyone as our gift to you.  These are the people responsible for making the whole lobby smell like coffee in the mornings!  They prepare and serve us coffee, drinks, and snacks on Sunday mornings.

These people have the tech abilities and run the lighting, the sound board, and the video clips and computer on Sunday mornings.

MRC Store
Our store area has different MRC merchandise, and is built in our resource room around our bookstore.  All kinds of stuff from mugs, to shirts and hats.  If you want a good book to read, come borrow one from our library!