Prayer is Disappointing Because We Want Action

Many of you know I am a road biker.  I really enjoy riding on the country roads on my bike.  If you follow me on Instagram, you see the pictures I post when I ride.  What’s funny about riding, it’s more detailed than you might think.  It’s not like when I was a kid when I jumped on my bike to do my paper route.  There is a way to ride that makes riding so much fun.  And . . . Read More »

The Shift Is The Key – Ask, Seek, Knock, and The Promise.

So we have been rolling along through this big summer series where we have been looking at Jesus’ famous teaching, “The Sermon on the Mount.”  This is such a big deal for us as disciples of Christ, to listen to Jesus teach us how to actually live as His disciples and then actually to go and apply these words to our lives.  I think we would all agree that living out these words of Jesus is challenging, but . . . Read More »

“This, Then, Is How You Should Pray.”

So last week as we kicked off Matthew 6 and I told you that these next three weeks or so are really going to get fun as we dive into Jesus’ words here in this chapter and here is why.  He gets very practical, and in some ways really gives us a ‘how to’ lesson on some important things like prayer which we are going to really dive into this week, and materialism and giving next week, and . . . Read More »

Teach Us To Pray

Today we are looking at the most fundamental, most important, most life giving, most intimate, most life transforming subject and spiritual discipline in the entire Christian faith. It’s also probably the most questioned, the most worked on, and the one of the most neglected. Last week we began Matthew chapter 6, and right in the middle of His teaching on the heart, Jesus teaches us how to pray. There is so much that can be talked about when . . . Read More »

Right Thing, Wrong Heart

Good morning everyone! Today we are looking at the next chunk of Jesus’ teaching, what I am titling “Right Thing, Wrong Heart.” We’re moving into Chapter 6 now of Matthew, if you want to turn or click there awhile. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a theme behind almost every section of the Sermon on the Mount that we’ve looked at, and it’s a pretty clear one: God is concerned about your heart. Sure, . . . Read More »

How to Have the Best Holiday Run Possible

So today we start our Christmas series and I have to tell you I’m really excited for this because we are going to really be addressing somethings that we all have challenges with in one way or another.  Can we just be really honest here for a minute and say something?  The holidays can be really hard!  Ok, now it’s out there and we can move on with the talk today.  If you are like me you often . . . Read More »

Three Games We Play and What It’s Really All About

So today we are coming to the end of our big prayer series called Risk.  I think it has been a lot of fun.  We have been really doing our best to place the tools in your hands to really grow closer and closer to God.  We have spent a lot of time in this series trying to remove any and all barriers that keep that from happening.  We have given you books to read, we have written . . . Read More »

Why Is The World Such a Mess?

As a father of girls, I remember the days when the girls where much younger. There were days when they came off the bus in tears. They were hurt that day in school. I remember laying next to them that night, hugging them, as they cried and cried. As I laid there, all I wanted to do was pull that hurt out of them and put it on myself. I felt their hurt and all I wanted was . . . Read More »