Life Is Hard, Don’t Give Up!

You know, life is really challenging.  And I know that if you have spent any length of time on this planet, that statement doesn’t surprise you, life is so tough, isn’t it?  There is a lot to push through.  There are responsibilities, work stress, messy people stuff, and on and on it goes…and I wonder how many of us just feel tired or just worn down by all that life throws at us.  Is that how you feel . . . Read More »

What does it mean to do life with God

“Too many people have been ‘babied’ in their discipleship, to the point that they have become nearly disabled spiritually.  As a result, they accept without question a faith that promises freedom and abundance in Jesus, and yet they never seem to notice how they remain imprisoned, especially in unbiblical ways of relating to themselves and others.  They shrug their shoulders as if to say, ‘It’s useless.  I can’t do anything about that.  It’s just the way I am.’  . . . Read More »

Can God Remove Anxiety?

Life is happening right now.  And in this moment, there are a lot of things taking place.  And I think it’s hard to enjoy the ‘now’ of each day.  For some of us we are stuck in yesterday.  That means as life is happening right now, we are thinking about a previous hurt from yesterday.  The wounds, the hurts, the betrayals, it’s hard to move forward.  When we are stuck in yesterday, that makes it hard for us . . . Read More »

Prayer is Disappointing Because We Want Action

Many of you know I am a road biker.  I really enjoy riding on the country roads on my bike.  If you follow me on Instagram, you see the pictures I post when I ride.  What’s funny about riding, it’s more detailed than you might think.  It’s not like when I was a kid when I jumped on my bike to do my paper route.  There is a way to ride that makes riding so much fun.  And . . . Read More »