Where Does It Go From Here?

So today is the big conclusion to our summer series, and I have to tell you…I’m sad to see it go.  I just feel like what we have studied and walked through all summer long is such a big deal.  I have been thinking and dreaming a lot of a day where we literally live out this life that Jesus lays out for us in Matthew 5, 6, and 7.  Behind the scenes Ken and I keep talking . . . Read More »

Words to Live By…Or Not.

Well it’s hard to believe but we have made our way to the last few moments of this amazing teaching from Jesus here and today we are going to see how Jesus wraps this whole thing up and in these last few verses we will once again see the big theme unfolding.  The theme has been Jesus laying out the type of life that a disciple should live…which would mean that these words that Jesus is preaching are . . . Read More »

Going All In, Does It Scare You?

Today I wrap up the talk on the Sermon on the Mount. Last week I was at MRC in Gettysburg and TJ spoke in Dillsburg. One of my favorite parts of what TJ said was the question he asked. He asked, ‘What stops you from believing in God?’ His follow up question to that was, ‘If you believe in God, do you put Jesus’ words into action or do you pick and choose?’ He was leading up to . . . Read More »

The Foundation Matters

Good morning! We have reached the end of the sermon on the mount. We’ve worked our way through Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5, 6 and 7. I was just thinking, can you imagine sitting and listening to Jesus teach this whole thing? We’ve gone through this series all summer long! So really, however long I may take today is nothing in comparison to how long the original sermon was, so don’t keep checking the time. I promise not . . . Read More »

The Shift Is The Key – Ask, Seek, Knock, and The Promise.

So we have been rolling along through this big summer series where we have been looking at Jesus’ famous teaching, “The Sermon on the Mount.”  This is such a big deal for us as disciples of Christ, to listen to Jesus teach us how to actually live as His disciples and then actually to go and apply these words to our lives.  I think we would all agree that living out these words of Jesus is challenging, but . . . Read More »

No Shortcuts to God

Last week Sam started his talk with this question; When was the last time you spent real time with God?  Not because you felt like you had to.  Not because it was the good Christian thing to do.  But because you wanted to hang out with your dad, your heavenly Father.  It is the foundation to living differently. This Sermon on the Mount is Jesus introducing us to God’s kingdom.  Jesus in introducing us to a new way . . . Read More »

What Are You Missing Out On?

So we have been rolling along through our big summer series studying one of the most profound and popular sermons ever preached…Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  I have to tell you this series has been such a big deal to me in my own personal life.  I have been amazed at how as we study God’s word just how much it applies directly into my everyday life.  Whether it’s how I respond to people, or as I walk . . . Read More »

How Do I Know If I Think I am ‘god’

Today, when someone says, “Don’t judge me,” that basically means, they want unlimited approval of everything they do. Every thought. Every belief. Every bad decision. Every moral decision. Accept me for who I am. Approve of me, no matter what I do.   Validate me, no matter how badly I perform. And if you don’t, you are mean. You are judging. You hate. Any negative feedback, anything less than 100% approval, is called judging and it is offensive and . . . Read More »

Why Worry?

Good morning! Last week, Ken talked about everyone’s favorite subject: money. Have you ever thought about the fact that the reason we hate talking about it so much is because of how much of an influence it has over our lives? We work each and every day for: money. We do or don’t do things because of: money. What we want we have to buy with: money. So we always seem to need more, so that we can . . . Read More »

The Idol of Money

The one sentence overview of the Sermon on the Mount would be: God sent Jesus to establish His kingdom in our hearts. The whole point of this sermon is the transformation of our hearts. I just warn you though; God’s kingdom is radically different than the kingdom, the culture, we live in. In the first part of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5, Jesus explains how God’s kingdom changes us from the inside out. He talks about . . . Read More »