Is It Even Possible To Relax?

If I asked you if you were relaxed or able to relax, how would you answer that question?  For some of us, this question would be met with laughter, or a big sigh, and then a long list of things that we are doing, dealing with, or walking through that would never allow us to relax.  I don’t know about you, but it is difficult to relax as we walk through life, which by the way, seems to be . . . Read More »

God Will Never Make Sense

“Suffering is not the worst thing that can happen to us.  Disobedience to God is the worst thing.” This is from a story Tom White shared.  As the director of the organization called The Voice of the Martyrs, he was in the central highlands of Vietnam when someone remarked about how the Christians suffer there.  One Vietnamese Christian remarked, “Suffering is not the worst thing that can happen to us.  Disobedience to God is the worst thing.”  You . . . Read More »

What is Success?

Last week Sam opened our series called ‘Success.’  Sam did a great job kicking the series off.  He opened his talk and addressed how people outside the church, who oftentimes have been hurt, label church people as hypocrites or judgmental.  The reality is church people are people, too.  We are just as messy and hurt as everyone else.  Sam challenged us to remember, going to church doesn’t fix our mess.  In fact, there is work to be done . . . Read More »

The Christian Atheist – How To Define and Achieve Success

Today we are going to talk about success.  Now I want you to understand something that is really important as we get started here today.  How you define success on a personal level really matters.  So, why would your definition of success matter so much?  Let’s just sit in that thought for a moment, think about this, what is success to you?  What does it look like?   Even as I say those words, you are probably picturing a . . . Read More »