A Place Where We See Kids Grow.

  • See them Grow in Faith!  Watch kids grow close to God right before your eyes!
  • See them grow in Action!  Every week kids apply Bible truths to their lives.
  • See them grow in Outreach!  Kids love bringing their friends!  CM is full of fun games,  music, praise, and craft projects.

When do you offer Children’s Ministry?  We currently offer full Children’s Ministry during our service. (9am in Dillsburg, 10am in Gettysburg).  This is offered every Sunday with the exception of the second Sunday of every month, which is our Better Together Sunday.  On Better Together Sunday, the children are part of the service.  Part of the lesson during the Sunday Sermon is dedicated directly to the children.  We love having our children in the service once a month!

What curriculum do we use?



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Will my child be safe in Children’s Ministry?

Your child’s safety is our top priority.  We take the safety of children extremely seriously.  We have a Children’s Protection Policy.  No one, is allowed into the Children’s ministry area without having gone through CPP.

The Child’s Protection Policy (CPP) exists to provide a safe environment for your children and to protect the ministry volunteers.
Before someone can serve our children, MRC requires the following:

  1. Attend MRC for 6 months
  2. Complete an application
  3. Background check is performed