Right Thing, Wrong Heart

Good morning everyone! Today we are looking at the next chunk of Jesus’ teaching, what I am titling “Right Thing, Wrong Heart.” We’re moving into Chapter 6 now of Matthew, if you want to turn or click there awhile. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a theme behind almost every section of the Sermon on the Mount that we’ve looked at, and it’s a pretty clear one: God is concerned about your heart. Sure, . . . Read More »

The Dog Inside

I love the T Shirts at the beach. Some are awful, some are hilarious. One of my favorite T Shirts has a picture of an exhausted mom pushing a baby in a stroller and above that picture, it shows what the mom is really thinking. It says, “All I wanted was a backrub.” I love it. It’s a perfect picture of our appetites. We want what we want, we get what we want and it goes too far and . . . Read More »