The older I get, the more I realize, life is messy. Nothing is simple. Nothing is easy. When I was younger, I was very naïve. I thought the older you got in life, the easier it got. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The older you get; the messier life can become. When our three girls were younger, in diapers running around the house, I thought life was pretty hard. Looking back, I would love to have . . . Read More »

Going Backward to Go Forward

Today we continue this journey into Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by talking about something that I know that we all have in common.  Regardless of who you are or where you have been we all have come from somewhere.  We all have a past.  We all, regardless of how different the background is…have a background and a family of origin and today we are going to take a look at the importance of going back and dealing with that . . . Read More »

Check Engine Light

In the next seven weeks, we are going to give you seven practical handles on how to fully engage God. I cannot state to you enough the importance of what we are about to walk through. If you engage into the next several weeks, I promise you, you will be transformed. And I want to restate that following Christ is a radical change in our lives. It’s not adding a few religious behaviors and subtracting a few sins. . . . Read More »

The Beast, The Dragon, The Key, and The Gifts

Today we are going to continue our big fall series on Pete Scazzero’s book Emotionally Health Spirituality.  Oh man, this is such a big deal, and I am very excited to jump into this material with you all.  I think by the end of this talk today you will really see why this material is so important for us living in this world that we live in today.  There is something special that happens when we can work . . . Read More »

Following Christ: A Part Time Job

A part time job helps you make ends meet but you really don’t want to be there – right? Today we talk about what happens when we treat following Christ like a part time job. We might know, to some degree, that we need God but we really don’t want to follow Christ. Let’s start with a few questions. Have you ever opened up your heart to a person and started a friendship, a Christian, only to see . . . Read More »

Stuck: 12 Symptoms

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a baptism service. Several young men were baptized and we interviewed them on stage. They shared something stunning. They said, “I grew up in the church.” They continued to tell us that they felt like their lives fell apart. Life handed them unfair blows and wounded them. They ended up in drugs or alcohol or loneliness and two of them tried to take their own lives. So here is my question . . . Read More »

Seeing Life Through The Gospel

So about three weeks ago we had an eclipse.  Do you guys remember that?  How could you not remember that right?  I mean we had a wide range of emotions in people over that moment, everything from excitement, to fear that the world would end.  We had people driving all over the country to see it, to people really trying to figure out if their pets would go blind if they let them outside.  We had weeping news . . . Read More »

Keeping It Real

Here at MRC we try to keep things as real as possible.  It is something we literally pray for each and every Sunday.  That this would be real.  We don’t want this to be something we do on the surface that doesn’t penetrate our hearts.  We want to be able to be the same people here at church that we are in every other environment all week long, and we are very focused on bringing you God’s word . . . Read More »

Our Selfish Secret

1 Corinthians 13 Let’s do a quick review. Paul started a church in the city of Corinth. Years later, Paul was in Ephesus and hears that things in the church of Corinth are a mess. So Paul has to write them a letter. It’s called Corinthians. In this letter, Paul has to address several things because the believers in Corinth are new and they are dragging the sin and junk from their culture into the church and it’s . . . Read More »

You Are A Body Builder

Good morning! Hey let me start with a question for you to consider this morning. I think it’s a question we all have wrestled with or are wrestling with. Do you feel like you’re making a difference in the world? That’s a pretty loaded question, because depending on your world view, we could all have different answers. But even if your answers are different from the people beside you right now, we each still ask this question to . . . Read More »