Let’s Get Real

So last week we started our brand new series ‘Sticks and Stones’ where we began a journey into some reading material on Emotionally Healthy Relationships.  I think this series is an extremely big deal because let’s face it…whether you want to or not, we all deal with people.  We all have relationships and we learned some really important things last week about our ability to love others well or not and how that reflects on our relationship with God.  I think . . . Read More »

Every Spiritual Journey That Leads to Depth goes through The Darkest places

We are in a series called Sticks and Stones. Have you ever heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” It’s a lie. Words can cut deeper and last longer than what sticks and stones can do to you. This is a relationship series that teaches how to be in emotionally healthy relationships. There are three parts to this series. Each Sunday we get together and we talk about in . . . Read More »

The Test

It’s amazing to think that we are starting a new series here at MRG today!  I mean we have only ever done one series as a church, which was the big one that we finished last week called “Different.”  I really enjoyed that one, but I have to tell you on the front end of this series, I’m very excited to jump into this with you, because it has a lot to do with you, your heart condition, . . . Read More »

Living in World of Lollipops, Unicorns and Fairies

We are in a series called Sticks and Stones. It’s a relationship series that teaches how we can be in Emotional Healthy Relationships. That simply means, we first experience God’s grace and love for us and then we can love others well. 7 My beloved friends, let us continue to love each other since love comes from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and experiences a relationship with God. 8 The person who refuses to love . . . Read More »

How Do I Find Myself?

So ever since we began this church in January we have been working our way through one big series called ‘Different.’  This series has meant a lot to me, because the whole idea is that we should be different because of our encounter with God and His amazing love for us.  When God’s love is pouring into and out of us we can’t help but change, we can’t help but be different.  I think this has been a phenomenal way for . . . Read More »

The Weight That Is Too Heavy For Others To Carry

Do you know the old saying? “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That is a lie. Most times, words hurt far more than sticks and stones. Relationships can be hard. It doesn’t take long for you to discover; as life giving as relationships can be is equally as hurtful as relationships can be. That’s why we are jumping into this relationship series. How do we grow up? How do we have . . . Read More »

The Way, The Truth, The Life…and Why It Matters

Well today is Easter Sunday which is a really big deal in our faith.  Actually it’s the biggest deal to our faith because it is the day we celebrate the greatest thing that could ever happen in the history of our lives, which is God loving us so much that He would send Jesus to this Earth, to handle our sin problem for us, to lay down His life for us, changing our eternal destiny.  So yeah, it’s a pretty . . . Read More »

Does God Love You? Prove it.

My parents have several grand kids. As the grand kids got older, they got to an age when they wanted to know how Grandpa met Grandma. What did he say? Where did they date? What was the world like before there was no WIFI? It’s a classic love story. It happened in a small school in Shippensburg. It was so small, the 2nd and 3rd grades were mixed together. At recess, my dad slips my mom a note . . . Read More »

4 Simple Questions That Can Change The Game

So we are rolling right along in our series Different and from week 1 I wanted you to see that when we encounter Jesus we will actually be different because of God’s love living and active in our lives!  It’s all about life change.  We love talking about life change at MRC because seeing our lives change spiritually, living differently makes this so real, and we love it when our spirituality is real!  Being different spiritually affects you, . . . Read More »

The Priority of God: It might not be you

We are in the middle of March Madness. And yes, I love it. It’s the tournament of the best 64 basketball teams. Each team has a slogan to remind the players to work hard. Or, be a team. Or, sacrifice for a greater cause. They use these slogans to try to get the team focused. If you recently graduated High School, you probably have a crew of kids you hang out with. And everyone in that group knows . . . Read More »