Christian Atheist – What You Believe Matters

So, I want to start with a question today…and while it’s a very important question, it’s also one that hopefully challenges us and makes us think, because how you answer this question is actually reflected out in how you are living your life.  Now, I’m just going to warn you that it has a big word in it that some people would get excited to hear and discuss in a church setting, while others would hear this word, . . . Read More »

The Christian Atheist – Can I Earn My Way Into Heaven

The Christian Atheist series is based on a survey led by the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University.  They surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults from four major groups: Pentecostals, Charismatics, Mainline Protestants, and Catholics about 51 topics including marriage, absolute truth, the sanctity of human life, and the authority of the Bible. The leading researcher, George Barna, concluded the following. “The most startling realization is how many people in our churches are adopting unbiblical beliefs.  American Christians are . . . Read More »

Christian Atheist – We Are All Sinners In Need Of A Savior.

So, I don’t know what you do for a living or how you spend your time, but I am reasonably sure that you have spent some or a lot of your time around people.  Well, I have to ask you, have you ever been around someone that just won’t listen to you?  You know, the kind of person that assumes they are just a little better than everyone around them?  That is not a lot of fun, is . . . Read More »

Christian Atheist – Is the Bible Our Moral Guide?

To be a Christian, a Christ follower, implies we follow Jesus.  That means we do the simplest of things like, daily surrender our lives to Christ.  We pray.  We read scripture.  We pursue God because God is our source of truth.  We walk in a relationship with God and ask Him to lead us, love us, and protect us. The prayer of a Christ follower would be like David’s prayer. Search me, O God, and know my heart; . . . Read More »

The Bible Is The Word Of God It Is Trustworthy and Reliable

Last week Ken kicked off a new series for us, and I’m just going to say it’s a conversation that we are really looking forward to diving into with you.  Now that isn’t because it’s an easy conversation, I will tell you, there will be some challenging moments in this series.  You probably picked up on that last week as Ken got the conversation started.  There may be some thoughts and ideas that make you think and challenge . . . Read More »