God Loves Us?  Prove It

Welcome to December.  December got here faster than I expected.  For me, I’m not sure where the year went.  It has been a blur for me.  It’s hard for me to catch up to what the date on the calendar is.  I just feel like my body and mind aren’t in the Christmas season yet.  I hope that you can downshift, decompress, and enjoy Christmas, I think most people would say their schedules get worse.  We have our . . . Read More »

Have You Ever Wondered Why We Complain? Here Is Why We Do

We have been in a crucial teaching series.  We have been talking about the real condition of our souls and how to take care of our souls.  I think a lot of people walk through life dazed and confused and wonder where God is.  All of us go through times of discouragement, depression, and anxiety.  All of us go through times when we struggle to see our value or self-worth.  All of us struggle with sin.  These are . . . Read More »

Avoiding The Comparing & Competing With Others Trap

This fall we are in an incredibly important conversation talking about the most important and ignored area of our lives, we are talking about our soul.  It’s been a journey that started by establishing something very important.  We are spiritual beings with a soul.  Our soul is what gives us life, it is what makes you, you.  This makes our souls so important, and we must care for it.  If we do, it becomes the source of life and . . . Read More »

Your Soul Craves God

Today I want to start with the words of Jesus.  This is from the story of when Jesus was tempted. Jesus told him [Satan], “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” NLT Matthew 4:4 What in the world does that mean?  Jesus was saying there is more to life than our appetites like hunger.  There is something bigger going on.  Inside each person, there . . . Read More »

The Choice Is Yours!

You know, you can learn a lot about someone by how they talk after something happens…good or bad.  Just listen to someone after a big win or a big loss.  This could be in life, in sports, or at work, but just listen, you can learn a lot about them based on the ownership or blame they speak of!  Now some own the wins and not the losses, and some may do the opposite but listen because it’s important.  . . . Read More »

Worship Isn’t What You Think It Is

Welcome to our series on mental health called ‘Soul Care’.  Truth is we live in a world that is being torn apart and it is deeply impacting people.  How?  It is showing up in mental health issues.   Issues like discouragement, depression, anxiety, self-worth, sin, more.  It makes you wonder, where did the mental health issues come from?  It seems like it has exploded in the last few years. Here is what we want you to see.  As our . . . Read More »