The Parable of The Tenant Farmers

Today we are continuing our big conversation we are having on The Parables of Jesus, which has been a lot of fun so far.   I am really enjoying this series and have told you weekly how fascinated I am by some things that I see as we study Jesus’ teachings.  First, it is just awesome how relevant these teachings are to our lives today.  There is so much there for us if we have those ready hearts and . . . Read More »

Killing Jesus in Our Lives

In Matthew 21, Jesus enters Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.  Passover was a celebration that everyone in Israel was expected to celebrate so everyone is converging into the city.  It’s like seeing a team win a super bowl and the city throws them a parade, everyone shows up. It’s this week when Jesus is betrayed and crucified.  Remember, it wasn’t long ago that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  Jesus is super popular as he enters the city. Everyone . . . Read More »

Jesus Addressing Tension Points in Church We Still See Today

Welcome back everyone to our study of The Parables of Jesus.  We are hoping you are having as much fun in this series as we are!  You know, it’s been interesting to slow down and dive into Jesus’ teachings like this, not only reading each parable but also look at why Jesus spoke them and who He was speaking to!  It brings these parables to life and if our hearts are ready and open, it can lead to . . . Read More »

Forgiveness Involves Three People

Last week, we shared how Jesus rocked the disciple’s understanding about God’s kingdom.  They just didn’t understand it.  They viewed Jesus as the Messiah who would take out Rome with an army and establish a new Kingdom.  They thought Jesus would be next King and they would have the key power spots around Jesus.  Because of this they argued with each other about who was the greatest.  Remember we explained how they wanted power, position, and statues? They . . . Read More »

What The World Thinks Is Great Doesn’t Transfer Into The Kingdom

God’s kingdom is in complete conflict with the kingdom you and I live in.  In our world, our understanding of greatness is only available to a few.  It’s based on money, achievement, education, power, beauty, title, or followers on social media.  In God’s kingdom, it’s radically different.  Greatness is available to everyone.  It’s based on the condition of our hearts and how we love and serve others. This is why as a Christian; you can feel conflict as . . . Read More »