What Are You Missing Out On?

So we have been rolling along through our big summer series studying one of the most profound and popular sermons ever preached…Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  I have to tell you this series has been such a big deal to me in my own personal life.  I have been amazed at how as we study God’s word just how much it applies directly into my everyday life.  Whether it’s how I respond to people, or as I walk . . . Read More »

How Do I Know If I Think I am ‘god’

Today, when someone says, “Don’t judge me,” that basically means, they want unlimited approval of everything they do. Every thought. Every belief. Every bad decision. Every moral decision. Accept me for who I am. Approve of me, no matter what I do.   Validate me, no matter how badly I perform. And if you don’t, you are mean. You are judging. You hate. Any negative feedback, anything less than 100% approval, is called judging and it is offensive and . . . Read More »

Why Worry?

Good morning! Last week, Ken talked about everyone’s favorite subject: money. Have you ever thought about the fact that the reason we hate talking about it so much is because of how much of an influence it has over our lives? We work each and every day for: money. We do or don’t do things because of: money. What we want we have to buy with: money. So we always seem to need more, so that we can . . . Read More »

The Idol of Money

The one sentence overview of the Sermon on the Mount would be: God sent Jesus to establish His kingdom in our hearts. The whole point of this sermon is the transformation of our hearts. I just warn you though; God’s kingdom is radically different than the kingdom, the culture, we live in. In the first part of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5, Jesus explains how God’s kingdom changes us from the inside out. He talks about . . . Read More »

“This, Then, Is How You Should Pray.”

So last week as we kicked off Matthew 6 and I told you that these next three weeks or so are really going to get fun as we dive into Jesus’ words here in this chapter and here is why.  He gets very practical, and in some ways really gives us a ‘how to’ lesson on some important things like prayer which we are going to really dive into this week, and materialism and giving next week, and . . . Read More »

Teach Us To Pray

Today we are looking at the most fundamental, most important, most life giving, most intimate, most life transforming subject and spiritual discipline in the entire Christian faith. It’s also probably the most questioned, the most worked on, and the one of the most neglected. Last week we began Matthew chapter 6, and right in the middle of His teaching on the heart, Jesus teaches us how to pray. There is so much that can be talked about when . . . Read More »

Get Real

So today we continue this teaching on Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount…and I have to tell you, for me this has been a huge deal on a personal level.  Jesus is literally laying out a foundation of how we are to live our lives as His followers and here’s the deal, it’s a better way to live.  Think about where all just the first chapter of this sermon has taken us and what our lives would look . . . Read More »

Right Thing, Wrong Heart

Good morning everyone! Today we are looking at the next chunk of Jesus’ teaching, what I am titling “Right Thing, Wrong Heart.” We’re moving into Chapter 6 now of Matthew, if you want to turn or click there awhile. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a theme behind almost every section of the Sermon on the Mount that we’ve looked at, and it’s a pretty clear one: God is concerned about your heart. Sure, . . . Read More »

Raising The Bar On Love

So today we are going to continue our study of Jesus’ famous teaching, “The Sermon on the Mount.”  I really enjoy these summer moments where we really get to dive into Scripture like this, and to be spending the summer really engaging The Sermon on the Mount well, it just feels big!  I think it feels so big because Jesus is literally laying out for his disciples (and all of us) a new way to live…a better way . . . Read More »

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

So last week I think we really started to hit our stride in this study of Jesus’ very famous Sermon on the Mount and that is really going to continue today.  So by this fourth week of the series it’s probably becoming pretty apparent to you that Jesus is really pushing in hard on us and how we live.  Jesus has a way of thinking and living that is just completely opposite than the way we humans think . . . Read More »