What does it mean to do life with God

“Too many people have been ‘babied’ in their discipleship, to the point that they have become nearly disabled spiritually.  As a result, they accept without question a faith that promises freedom and abundance in Jesus, and yet they never seem to notice how they remain imprisoned, especially in unbiblical ways of relating to themselves and others.  They shrug their shoulders as if to say, ‘It’s useless.  I can’t do anything about that.  It’s just the way I am.’  . . . Read More »

Are You Looking For Loopholes On Just Who You Must Love?

Welcome everyone to our big summer study on The Parables of Jesus.  I’m really excited about this opportunity to study these awesome stories that Jesus shares with us, and I have to say as we get started here today that this first one that we are looking at today will challenge us a bit, and frankly, is a great lesson for us in the world that you and I are living in today.  A world that is very . . . Read More »

The Secret to Being Content

Don’t you wish that Jesus or Paul would pop out of the Bible and spend the day with you?  Wouldn’t you like it if you could tell them everything that is happening in your life and then they would tell you what to do?  Wouldn’t that be great? Here is what I want you to know.  They did.  They didn’t pop out of the Bible but in scripture, they were stunningly clear on how to live out life.  . . . Read More »

The Importance and Power Of Your Thoughts

Welcome back everyone to our big study of the book of Philippians.  This is my last conversation in the Philippians study, and in many ways, I will be bummed to see this series end next week, it’s just so fun to walk through Scripture the way we have, and this particular study just seemed so perfectly timed for the world you and I are living in today.  We have broken our study down to two parts, if you . . . Read More »

Can God Remove Anxiety?

Life is happening right now.  And in this moment, there are a lot of things taking place.  And I think it’s hard to enjoy the ‘now’ of each day.  For some of us we are stuck in yesterday.  That means as life is happening right now, we are thinking about a previous hurt from yesterday.  The wounds, the hurts, the betrayals, it’s hard to move forward.  When we are stuck in yesterday, that makes it hard for us . . . Read More »

Choosing To Press On

Welcome back everyone to our big study of the book of Philippians, and our conversation on the choices that Paul challenges us to make as we live out our faith and the very life that Jesus modeled for us.  So far, we have hit some really challenging choices, and the reason these first few choices have been so challenging is because they are just so opposite of how we would instinctively live our lives.  To make these choices . . . Read More »