Do Something! Learning From Jonathan’s Daring Plan

Over the last few Sundays that I have been with you, we focused on the concept of Spiritual Maturity.  We talked about what it is, how it is measured, (which is by our ability to love others) and I believe most importantly we discussed the idea that Spiritual Maturity doesn’t just fall in your lap.  It’s not just given to you.  Living and loving like Christ challenges us, goes against our human instincts, and just isn’t easy, and . . . Read More »

Want To Experience Your Best Life? It’s All About Your Answer This Question?

Today we start a new series, one we are looking forward to jumping into with you.  We have a tradition here at MRC, where we take the summer and turn our Sunday Morning Conversations into a study of The Bible, and it’s something we always enjoy doing and it’s a series that I look forward to every year.  Sometimes we work through entire books of the Bible, sometimes we focus on specific sections of Scripture.  One year we . . . Read More »

What is happening in our world?

Before the God Questions series ends, there is one more question we want to answer.  What is happening in our world?  Have you ever wondered why life is so hard?  What conclusions have you come to?  Specific to your life, have you ever wondered why every step forward seems like you’re walking through mud?  Walking through life can feel frustrating and exhausting.  Think about it, would you say you are walking through life with more or less energy?  . . . Read More »

What Does The World Need From Christians?

I want to ask you a question right now, that we will come back to later in the talk, so think about this.  Are you ready?  If you knew today was your last day, what would you do with your time?  Think about it.  What would you do?  We will come back to that later in the talk. Over the last few weeks, our God Question series has shifted to four questions about the church and while that is supposed . . . Read More »

Church: You are Chosen by God

Let’s read Psalms 69:7 Passion for your house has consumed me. NLT Last week Sam talked about the Church and the tension the local church faces in North America.  The tension is that God’s kingdom and our world’s kingdom are opposed to each other.  That means that what our world values and cares for is the opposite of what God values and cares for.  And that gap is widening.  So how do we attract people to the Church . . . Read More »