God’s Wisdom-Some Get It, Some Don’t.

So today we continue our study of Paul’s letter to his church plant in Corinth.  Last week we started in on the second chapter and today we will continue working through Chapter 2 of this letter and I love the subject matter.  We are talking about how we live our lives, and today we are going to hear about this thing called wisdom a good bit but we also see another big player come to the table…The Holy . . . Read More »

What If There Is More?

You know here at MRC we work really hard to introduce you to the magnitude of The Cross.  We want to introduce you to the amazing gift that our Heavenly Father gave us through Jesus.  This is our primary objective, to help people push through the complexities of religion, and the pain and hurts and confusion of mistakes and sin and to help people see just how simple, how loving, and how pure a relationship with Jesus can . . . Read More »

So Bad, They Became a Verb

Today we begin our series on 1 Corinthians. This Sunday, it’s my job to give you the context of this letter. So when you leave today, we hope that you have a clear understanding the timing of this letter, the author, the city and what this letter means to us. This entire story begins in the book of Acts. Jesus was crucified, resurrected and ascended into heaven. Then around two months later [7 weeks], we read in the . . . Read More »

In God We Trust

Today we are wrapping up our series called My Story. If you haven’t been here each week, let me review just why we are doing this series: Because each day we are faced with several choices. Each and every choice determines the direction of our life, and each and every decision also becomes part of our story, whether they are good choices or not. And what you may have never thought about is how much your story is . . . Read More »

I Am Way Too Busy To Rebel!

So today I wanted to start by talking parenting a little bit with you.  It seems fitting because we have so many young people, getting married and getting ready to have children that I thought we could talk a little bit about being a parent.  I have to tell you that it has been the greatest experience for Mashawn and I.  It really takes you out of a “me” first mentality and puts you in a mode of . . . Read More »

Make The Trade

I want to start today by sharing with you something that is almost too good to be true. What Jesus did on the cross, for us, was unbelievable. Let’s read about it. By entering through faith into what God has always wanted to do for us – set us right with him, make us fit for him – we have it all together with God because of our Master Jesus. And that’s not all: We throw open our . . . Read More »

You CAN Handle The Truth

Good morning! I’m mostly recovered from our youth retreat from this past weekend and I’m excited to be talking with you today! We’re into this series now called My Story, and hopefully you’ve gotten the gist that through this series, we are hoping to show you that as your story is being written, you’re going to have competing decisions to make in your life, and each of those decisions, whether good or bad, will become part of your . . . Read More »

My Story – Counterfeit vs Real – There’s Only One Way.

So last week we kicked off a brand new series here at MRC called “My Story.”  What we are doing is looking at seven choices that we make that will forever mark our story spiritually.  Last week, on Easter with all of our friends here that we haven’t seen since Christmas we hit a big one.  We looked at the decision we can make that will absolutely change the course of our spiritual journeys forever…that choice was to . . . Read More »

Working Hard For What You Already Have

I would like to start my time with you by sharing with you my definition of the Spirit of Religion.  Religion will always try to minimize Jesus and everything He did for us on The Cross.  This is what Ken was really showing us today, religion minimizes Jesus and all that He did for us on the Cross.  Anytime you and I try to do what Jesus already did for us we will have a real mess on . . . Read More »

Yo-Yos, Brain Freeze and Contracts

Starting a new series today. We are talking about choices that forever define our story. I think back to one of the biggest choices that forever changed my life. I got married and had kids. Clearly one of the best decisions I ever made. I joke about it being one of the best decisions I ever made, most of the time. When I was single, I owned one pillow. Now, in my married life, I own several. I . . . Read More »