The Tensions Between The Church and The World Has Reached The Tipping Point

Here in 2023, we have started an important conversation, all centering around a very popular question in today’s world.  What is the point of church?  This is an important question, and we have been learning just how essential the church is, how we should view it, how God views it, and just how critical the church is to our Spiritual development, and to the community around us who don’t have the same eternal destiny of those inside the . . . Read More »

What “Community” Is & Isn’t, & Why It Is Such A Challenge At Church

This fall we have started an important conversation with you, one that I think we could describe as a journey.  It’s a journey to find answers to life’s biggest and most important questions.   Questions that we all wonder about, that can weigh on us in the deepest parts of our hearts and minds.  Questions like why am I alive?  Does my life matter?  Why is life so hard?  What is the meaning of my life or what is . . . Read More »

The Busy Season Survival Guide

Well it seems official; summer seems to be coming to an end…the party is over in so many ways!  School has started…which really seems to scream summer is over in the Hepner house.  I will just say I had to grab my emotions this year taking the first day of school picture in front of the house as I realized this was my oldest daughter’s LAST first day of school picture…that was a bit of a moment for . . . Read More »

The Greatest Form of Discipleship

So this summer we have been having a lot of fun here at MRC.  We have been working through a series on the church.  If you think about what we have been doing with this teaching, we have been asking some pretty specific questions about the church and how you answer these questions is very, very important.  The way I see it if we take a step back and look at this series the big questions look something . . . Read More »

Did God lose track of you?

Have you ever felt like God has lost track of you? Maybe you feel like God doesn’t seem to care about your problems. Or maybe God is being unfair with you? And because God doesn’t seem to care, we struggle going to God. Why would I go to a God who doesn’t care? That doesn’t make sense. We may have concluded that there is no joy in God. God doesn’t refresh my soul. God is an empty attempt . . . Read More »