Old School Series – Why Isn’t God Enough?

Welcome back to our summer series “Old School!”  We are having so much fun diving into the Old Testament with you.  Our hope has been that as we have taken a closer look at some of these stories from the Old Testament, that you are starting to understand just how relevant these stories are to our lives today.  Make no mistake about it, their story really is our story and today we will hit a big moment for . . . Read More »

Old School Series – Entering the Promised Land and a Tale of Two Cities

Welcome back everyone, I hope you are enjoying our big Summer Series called Old School as much as we are!  If you have been hanging out with us through this series, you know we are exploring the Old Testament, but we haven’t gotten very far.  We have spent five weeks with Moses and the Children of Israel and their journey from Egyptian Slavery through the Wilderness to The Promise Land and hopefully by now you see why we . . . Read More »