I’m Not a Prideful Person, Three Questions To Know If You Are

This summer we are jumping into the parables of Jesus.  What is a parable?  Very simply, it’s a story that has a spiritual principle you can learn.  Why stories?  Remember what Jesus said?  He told stories because not everyone has a ready heart.  Not everyone is able to see or understand spiritual things.  That’s why Sam, the first week, stopped and prayed and we have been doing it ever since.  I’d like to do the same today.  Let’s . . . Read More »

The Product Of Humility In Our Lives

Have you ever been around a person who just makes you feel better about yourself?  Every time you are with them you walk away from them with more energy, and just feeling good?  Have you ever stopped and thought about why that person makes you feel so much better about yourself?  I wonder what characteristics we would begin to list out about this person, think about it for a moment.  Everyone of our lists would have some common . . . Read More »

The Dangers of Pride and The Rewards of Humility

Today we continue this series looking at one of the biggest, and sneakiest forms of spiritual kryptonite out there.  I know right? Another big one!  We will also look at the counter to it, which is also pretty interesting because it is often misunderstood.  This is a big one because today we are talking about pride and humility and I want you to know right on the front end.  Pride is difficult to deal with, because…if you deal . . . Read More »