Is There More To Life Than This?

Welcome to our series that asks questions that everyone has.  Questions like, Is there more to life than this?  How can I make the most of my life?  Who is Jesus?  Why did Jesus die?  How can I have faith?  Why and how do I pray?  Why and how should I read the Bible?  How does God guide us?  Who is the Holy Spirit?  What does the Holy Spirit do?  How can I be filled with the Holy . . . Read More »

God, It’s Not Fair!

How many of you are the oldest in your family? What do you tell your parents when your younger siblings got stuff before you got stuff? “It‘s not fair!“ Or, they get to do things before you got to do things? “It‘s not fair!“ You had to wait till 20 to date and your younger sister is dating at 16. What do you say? “It’s not fair!” I’m the youngest in my family. So my older brothers would . . . Read More »