When Is Enough Actually Enough?

I have got to tell you something, I am really excited about getting into this message today.  We are going to be talking about temptation and sin, and how to overcome this stuff…and I have to say, this message excites me because it gives us great handles, and practical tools to deal with things.  Things that we all deal with…now we may not like to tell people in church we deal with things like this but and Paul . . . Read More »

Grab The Porcupine

1 Corinthians 5 Have you ever been in a hospital? It’s a place where sick people go to become healthy again. The doctor’s responsibility is to identify the problem and make it better with medicine, surgery, advice, whatever. Imagine going to the hospital, having tests done that verified that you had cancer. But instead of the doctor doing anything, they did nothing. They just ignored you and kept telling you that everything was fine. You would either be . . . Read More »

The Worst Deal Ever

Microsoft is worth 290 billion. If you could, would you buy Microsoft for 2 million dollars? Ross Perot had that chance. In 1979, Ross Perot lead the Company named EDS [Electronic Data Systems] and passed on the opportunity to buy Microsoft when its value was around 2 million. Perot, a billionaire, said no. Today, Bill Gate’s stock is worth 7 billion, twice the value of Perot’s worth. Ross Perot said, “It’s one of the biggest mistakes I have . . . Read More »