The Dangers of Pride and The Rewards of Humility

Today we continue this series looking at one of the biggest, and sneakiest forms of spiritual kryptonite out there.  I know right? Another big one!  We will also look at the counter to it, which is also pretty interesting because it is often misunderstood.  This is a big one because today we are talking about pride and humility and I want you to know right on the front end.  Pride is difficult to deal with, because…if you deal . . . Read More »

How to Break Depression, Sin and Control

When you give your life to God, you have spiritual strength, God places it inside you. For the Kingdom of God is not just fancy talk; it is living by God’s power. NLT 1 Corinthians 4:20 God has given you His grace to wash away all sin, guilt and shame [Galatians 3:3]. When you walk with sin and shame and guilt, it’s exhausting and defeating. But, when you bring it to God, God washes it all away to . . . Read More »

The Dangers of Entitlement

So here in 2019 we started a pretty big series entitled “What is your kryptonite?” and here’s the idea.  There is a way that we should be living our lives as Christians.  As we read scripture it is pretty clear that our lives should be described a certain way.  Through the course of this series I have really been using three very specific words on what the life of a disciple of Christ should look like.  Those three . . . Read More »

I’m Just A Little Set In My Ways…

So here in 2019 we started a pretty big series entitled “What is your kryptonite?” and it’s really our prayer that you are tracking with this series so far because there have been some pretty big concepts that have come out as this series is starting to get rolling.  Starting with this whole idea of what our lives SHOULD look like as followers of Jesus, do you remember that?  We were using terms like freedom, and victory and . . . Read More »

Who the Son sets free is free indeed…right?

Well here we are in a brand new year!  2019!  The New Year is always so exciting right?  I mean for so many of us this is a time of hope, and optimism about what could be in the brand new year, which I think is awesome.  This is a time for those New Year’s Resolutions and just a chance to almost hit reset and get a fresh start on so many things for us in so many . . . Read More »

Modern Day Idol

We are in a series called: What is your Kryptonite? Like Kryptonite to Superman, sin steals our strength. It steals our spiritual strength and it blinds us from seeing who we really are. Let’s quickly talk about our spiritual strength, what God has given us. We just can’t talk about this enough. God has given us His grace to wash away all sin, guilt and shame [Galatians 3:3]. When we walk through life with sin and shame and . . . Read More »

When Is Enough Actually Enough?

I have got to tell you something, I am really excited about getting into this message today.  We are going to be talking about temptation and sin, and how to overcome this stuff…and I have to say, this message excites me because it gives us great handles, and practical tools to deal with things.  Things that we all deal with…now we may not like to tell people in church we deal with things like this but and Paul . . . Read More »

Grab The Porcupine

1 Corinthians 5 Have you ever been in a hospital? It’s a place where sick people go to become healthy again. The doctor’s responsibility is to identify the problem and make it better with medicine, surgery, advice, whatever. Imagine going to the hospital, having tests done that verified that you had cancer. But instead of the doctor doing anything, they did nothing. They just ignored you and kept telling you that everything was fine. You would either be . . . Read More »

The Worst Deal Ever

Microsoft is worth 290 billion. If you could, would you buy Microsoft for 2 million dollars? Ross Perot had that chance. In 1979, Ross Perot lead the Company named EDS [Electronic Data Systems] and passed on the opportunity to buy Microsoft when its value was around 2 million. Perot, a billionaire, said no. Today, Bill Gate’s stock is worth 7 billion, twice the value of Perot’s worth. Ross Perot said, “It’s one of the biggest mistakes I have . . . Read More »