If God Is For Us Who or What Ever Could Stop or Discourage Us?

Today is a very special day, it’s a combined service where both Heidlersburg and Dillsburg get to worship together.  This is something we always wanted as we plant churches, for all of us to have opportunities like this because we truly are one church in multiple locations.  We are also right in the middle of a really important conversation that centers around one very important and popular question.  That question is what is the point of church?  Quite . . . Read More »

What If You Viewed Church As God’s Word Says We Should?

Welcome to a brand-new series in a brand-new year, and I’m just going to say it’s a very important series built around a very important question.  What is the point of church?  This is a conversation that Ken, and I have been excited to talk about for a couple of reasons.  First, this conversation is really the next step or just simply a continuation of what we were talking with you about this fall.  If you remember all . . . Read More »

What Exactly Has God Been Up To?

This series is called ‘Do I Matter?’  We are walking through a 42-day daily devotional to discover just how much we matter.  The series started with the Foundation of Life: God loves you and created you on purpose.  Worship: trusting God in all the areas of life.  Trusting God so much, we are jump into His arms like a three-year-old on a kitchen counter jumping into his loving father’s arms.  Community: healthy community is when we are in . . . Read More »