Old School Series Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar

Well everyone, after a really challenging season this spring, here we are on the first Sunday of June.  You know what that means, it’s summer!  If you have been hanging out with us here at MRC through the summer months in years past you know that one thing we really enjoy doing is really jumping into Bible Studies in our summer teaching series.  This is something that we just love jumping into with our church family.  We have . . . Read More »

Waiting on God Devotional Day 5

Welcome back to the last day of this 5 day Bible study on waiting on the Lord.  I hope it’s been meaningful to you.  I hope it has helped open the Bible up to you in a new way…a way that allows the Bible to be a more active and intentional part of your everyday life.  That has been my prayer and continues to be a huge goal for us as we preach and put out these videos.  . . . Read More »

Waiting on God Devotional Day 4

Welcome back everyone to our Bible study on patiently waiting on the Lord which today we will head back to Isaiah and read a very popular scripture from this prophet that you maybe have on a coffee cup or have seen on a poster somewhere along the line, but it is yet another place in Scripture that talks about waiting on God.  I mean day after day we are different places in Scripture here studying looking at guys . . . Read More »

Waiting on God Devotional Day 3

Welcome back everyone to day three of our Bible study on Waiting on the Lord.  I hope that you have taken the time to walk through this Bible study intentionally.  If you remember this study branched out of our Sunday Sermon where we talked about the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar.  It’s one of those rougher, messier Old Testament stories…but when we read the Bible with the mentality that there is something there for us to learn…we . . . Read More »

Waiting on God Devotional Day 2

Welcome back everyone to this week’s Bible study.  On Sunday we kicked off our summer series Old School by looking at a really challenging if not interesting moment in the life of Abraham and Sarah where they try their best to make God’s promises happen in their own lives and I wanted you to understand something, what God promised them was incredible…but it wasn’t happening…well, it at least was not happening as quickly as any of us would . . . Read More »

Waiting on God Devotional Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the first day of this week’s Bible Study on patience and waiting on the Lord.  Yesterday we kicked off our Summer Series called “Old School” which is going to allow us to look at and dive into some awesome stories in the Old Testament all summer long.  The more I thought about this the more excited I became because it’s another opportunity for us to learn how to apply the Bible to our . . . Read More »