Avoiding The Comparing & Competing With Others Trap

This fall we are in an incredibly important conversation talking about the most important and ignored area of our lives, we are talking about our soul.  It’s been a journey that started by establishing something very important.  We are spiritual beings with a soul.  Our soul is what gives us life, it is what makes you, you.  This makes our souls so important, and we must care for it.  If we do, it becomes the source of life and . . . Read More »

What Is Worship? What Does It Do? What Can Block Us From It?

This fall we are in a very important conversation.  What we are talking about is incredibly important, but I would also say it is the most ignored area of our lives.  We are talking about and focusing on the soul.  This has allowed us to talk about the areas of our lives that so many of us are struggling with these days, our inner worlds, and our emotional and mental health.  I think for many of us we just . . . Read More »

Jealousy, Do I have it and what do I do about it?

Courage is something we all want.  When we see people with courage, they inspire us.  We watch movies, read books and love the characters who had courage and made a difference.  I think one of the greatest myths about courage is, people with courage don’t face fear.  Or somehow, courage for them was easy.  The truth is, people with courage experience the same fear everyone feels, they just live like they can trust God. Think about the great . . . Read More »

God, It’s Not Fair!

How many of you are the oldest in your family? What do you tell your parents when your younger siblings got stuff before you got stuff? “It‘s not fair!“ Or, they get to do things before you got to do things? “It‘s not fair!“ You had to wait till 20 to date and your younger sister is dating at 16. What do you say? “It’s not fair!” I’m the youngest in my family. So my older brothers would . . . Read More »