Why am I wounded, how do I know I am wounded, what to do about it?

We want to start today and share something everyone needs to hear.  It’s okay to feel like you are not okay.  We all walk through life with that sinking feeling that we aren’t all together or we don’t measure up to who we should be.  That is just part of being human.  If you feel that, you aren’t alone.  For some, those feelings pop up now and then.  For others, they would say, those feelings define who they . . . Read More »

Spiritual Emergency

I had a friend who had to go to the emergency room.  He shot a roofing nail into his knee and literally stuck himself to the roof.  As he tried to use the hammer to pull the nail out, he realized he need to be rescued. Have you ever needed to go to the emergency room?  If you are bleeding, a bone sticking out where it doesn’t belong, or a nail in your knee, you want a doctor . . . Read More »