How To Be Grateful

Janelle Hail I am Second video. Janelle’s story shows us the power of gratitude. She said: “I looked at my hands and held them out saying, “Thank you, God, that I have two hands to work for you. I have two feet to go where you want me to go. I have a mouth to speak for you.” At that moment, gratitude overtook me and erased the scar on my heart.” – Janelle Hail Founder/CEO of National Breast . . . Read More »

We All Have Something In Common

So last week, Ken opened up our big fall series, called I am Second, and I think just one week in you can probably see why this series has us so excited.  It’s because it is all about life change, which when it comes to this whole “Christian-faith-thing,” this is really what it is all about.  Now as you listen to these people tell their stories of life change you will recognize a lot of them.  They are famous rock stars, . . . Read More »

When Is Enough Actually Enough?

I have got to tell you something, I am really excited about getting into this message today.  We are going to be talking about temptation and sin, and how to overcome this stuff…and I have to say, this message excites me because it gives us great handles, and practical tools to deal with things.  Things that we all deal with…now we may not like to tell people in church we deal with things like this but and Paul . . . Read More »

The Connection

1 Corinthians 6-7 Do you believe there is a connection between your relationship with God and how you view sex? So if you are in a relationship with God, He loves you and you love Him, do you think that relationship should determine how you behave sexually? The people of Corinth didn’t. They saw no connection. They believed their body and spirit were separate. That means they believed that their spirit could love God, and at the same . . . Read More »

Appetites-How Do You Turn Down The Volume?

So last week was a big week here at MRC, and I have to tell you it was a tough week for me to communicate for a couple different reasons.  First, in my opinion, outside of the Good News of the Gospel I don’t believe there is anything more important for us to understand and engage into than Spiritual Warfare.  So I can get a little excited over this topic.  I pray all week long for our spiritual . . . Read More »

Walking With The Holy Spirt

You know life is hard.  We talk about that a lot around here.  I think anyone who has lived more than a few years on this Earth would agree with that statement.  Here’s something more depressing than that.  Life doesn’t get easier as you get older. You grow up and each stage of life brings new challenges, more responsibilities…life just doesn’t seem to get any easier.  And here’s what is more interesting…I grow up and each year I . . . Read More »

My License To Sin?

You know it’s amazing to me how different subjects that are taught here at MRC seem to get different responses from everyone.  Some of the topics are inspiring to people and hit our hearts.  When we talk about grace, and love and forgiveness we know that we will get some hugs.  When we talk about authority, or we try to expose the religious spirit, or obedience or holiness…well Ken and I just refer to those Sundays as “no . . . Read More »

The Dog Inside

I love the T Shirts at the beach. Some are awful, some are hilarious. One of my favorite T Shirts has a picture of an exhausted mom pushing a baby in a stroller and above that picture, it shows what the mom is really thinking. It says, “All I wanted was a backrub.” I love it. It’s a perfect picture of our appetites. We want what we want, we get what we want and it goes too far and . . . Read More »