The Ready Heart Ministry:

The Ready Heart Ministry has one goal, and that is to help you walk with God on a daily basis.  With a passion for creating tools to help us walk with God and experience our best lives through podcasting, writing, and creating clear, simple, practical tools to help us along the difficult journey we call life.

The Podcast:

The Ready Heart Podcast consists of 4 – 8 minute episodes with the goal of helping you engage Scripture on a daily basis…and to prompt us to think through what that Scripture can mean to us on a personal basis.  Typically we will read the scripture in a few versions, ask some personal questions and end with a quote of the day.  You can listen to the podcast on Spotify today!


Be on the lookout for more content to come from The Ready Heart Ministry!

Everyone Hears A Message

This August – A Five Session Discipleship Class Based Off The Book:



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