Here is something you don’t hear much: God doesn’t want or need your money. He is after something much more important. Your heart.

Guess what? The number one thing, on this earth, that is in competition for your love of God is, our love of money, success and all the stuff it can get us. That’s why Jesus talked about money more than any other subject. It wasn’t because He needed it. It’s because He wants your heart. Please remember this as we talk about our finances at MRC. This isn’t about a religious duty that has a penalty with it if you fail: it’s about understanding your role in advancing God’s Kingdom. We invite you into what we call, the Jesus mission.

Each weekend service costs around $8,000. Our mortgage alone is around $8,000 a month not including electric, trash and HVAC cleaning and maintenance. What many people don’t realize is the power in giving consistently. It can make a big difference. For the sake of financial analysis, if 100 people gave $80, or if 200 people gave $40, that’s $8,000 on a weekend. The God principle we find in scripture is to arrange our finances to give 10%. So we challenge everyone to live that out.

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