The Proof That We Are Saved By God

Have you ever given up a day and volunteered somewhere?  Years ago, MRC led the Youth Impact Project.  It was incredible.  We helped financially struggling families prepare their kids for school.  It took all year long to plan for this one event.  It impacted thousands of families.  It was exhausting and it was awesome.  We walked away from that event feeling so tired and so fulfilled.  I’ll never forget the stories of the families who we helped. Have . . . Read More »

Are You Looking For Loopholes On Just Who You Must Love?

Welcome everyone to our big summer study on The Parables of Jesus.  I’m really excited about this opportunity to study these awesome stories that Jesus shares with us, and I have to say as we get started here today that this first one that we are looking at today will challenge us a bit, and frankly, is a great lesson for us in the world that you and I are living in today.  A world that is very . . . Read More »

The Greatest Form of Discipleship

So this summer we have been having a lot of fun here at MRC.  We have been working through a series on the church.  If you think about what we have been doing with this teaching, we have been asking some pretty specific questions about the church and how you answer these questions is very, very important.  The way I see it if we take a step back and look at this series the big questions look something . . . Read More »