Colossians – Choosing To Put On Love and Honor Christ In All We Do

Last week Ken really challenged us, didn’t he?  Now, to be fair, he told you going in that it was going to be something we have come to call a “no-hug” Sunday around here, so you were warned that it was going to be a challenging Sunday!  But that really has me thinking as I listened to his talk last week, as he worked his way through some of the practical choices Paul wants us to make as . . . Read More »

A Discussion the World Never Wants You To Be Part Of

You know there are things about ministry that are so fun to be part of.  There is just nothing like someone finding and wrapping their hearts and minds around God’s love for them.  It is so inspiring to help point people to true life change and the redemption they can find in Jesus.  There is nothing more powerful than listening to someone tell their story of finding God after being so far from Him and it’s humbling to . . . Read More »

We All Must Answer This Question

So last week was a pretty special weekend.  We started a new series and it’s a very important one on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.  Then Sunday afternoon we headed to Messiah College for what is probably my favorite service that we do each year which is our baptism service.  It’s so meaningful to watch people make a public commitment to God, and for me it’s an amazing experience to listen to them share what God is doing in their . . . Read More »

Three Things You Need to Follow Christ

One of the ironies about life is that we make decisions but we have no idea what the full implications are. You decide on a job. You have no idea what will happen in the next ten years. Will it be great? Will the company move to another state? Will another company buy your company out? You don’t know. Where you live. Who you marry. What car you own. What church you attend. Life is about taking one . . . Read More »

Love Before Freedom

I hope that your summer has been going well for you and your families. I know that I’ve been enjoying the longer day and the cool nights, and I know my pregnant wife has really really been enjoying the super hot and sunny days. Last week we talked about everyone’s favorite church topic, sex, and it went so well, this week I thought I’d give my somewhat newly married perspective on it! Just kidding. No, we are actually . . . Read More »

How Do You Respond When Adversity Hits?

You know raising kids has been quite an educational process for me.  As a father there are somethings that just matter to me more than others and who my kids are is a really big deal to me.  The amazing thing about my children is that even though they all share Mashawn and I’s DNA…they are all so different.  They have different personalities and they all challenge me in different ways.  Some of them think a little more . . . Read More »

Focusing On What You Have

You know it has been really interesting to me how many of my talks with you have come back to this idea of focus.  Focus sure has been coming up a lot lately, and it seems to come up in scripture a lot too.  We are to focus on God, we are to fix our attention on Him.  Paul says it this way… 2 Corinthians 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on . . . Read More »

Life Just Keeps Happening

You know sometimes life just has an amazing ability of happening doesn’t it?  I know it does for me.  It seems time is just flying by, and I don’t want it to.  It seems like in every season of life we can be wishing for the next one.  When you’re young it’s, when I get out of school, then life will be great.  Then it’s when I’m married, that’s when life we slow down.  Which leads to I . . . Read More »

Your Life for the next 40 Years

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Jesus was the pastor at a local church? I think some people would think about that and believe, it would be a dreamy, awesome experience. Actually, after reading scripture, specifically how Jesus treated the Pharisees and His disciples, I don’t think it would be a dreamy experience. I actually think it would be a struggle to be at Jesus’ church. For example, the way Jesus told simple stories . . . Read More »