What It Takes To Follow Jesus

I want to start with a couple of questions today. Let’s start here: Are you good at following instructions? If your boss comes up to you at the beginning of the day and gives you some things to do, will you hear it and then follow through?  How do you handle someone telling you what to do?  Maybe you can do it, but you need to know why you have to do it.  Maybe you will do it, . . . Read More »

Want To Experience Your Best Life? It’s All About Your Answer This Question?

Today we start a new series, one we are looking forward to jumping into with you.  We have a tradition here at MRC, where we take the summer and turn our Sunday Morning Conversations into a study of The Bible, and it’s something we always enjoy doing and it’s a series that I look forward to every year.  Sometimes we work through entire books of the Bible, sometimes we focus on specific sections of Scripture.  One year we . . . Read More »

Making This The Last Year You Need To Make The New Year, New Me Resolution!

Well, here we are, it’s New Year’s Eve and in just a few hours we will be welcoming in a new year!  It’s amazing, as fast as Christmas seems to come is as quickly as it goes!  You know, New Year’s Eve is often a very festive and fun day.  Some people will be heading out to watch the Pickle Drop, or they will be staying up to watch the ball drop in New York on TV.  I . . . Read More »

The Christmas Story Reveals How We Can Experience Joy!

I’m so thankful to be here today with you all, as we come together on Christmas Eve to celebrate, and reflect on the greatest and loving gift we could have ever hoped and dreamed for, Jesus Christ, the true reason for the season!  Throughout this Holiday Season, Ken and I have been talking to you about how The Christmas Story reveals and proves God’s great love for us, and I’m hopeful that you have been able to take . . . Read More »

The Choice Is Yours!

You know, you can learn a lot about someone by how they talk after something happens…good or bad.  Just listen to someone after a big win or a big loss.  This could be in life, in sports, or at work, but just listen, you can learn a lot about them based on the ownership or blame they speak of!  Now some own the wins and not the losses, and some may do the opposite but listen because it’s important.  . . . Read More »