Four Things That Are True About Everyone You Meet

If God has touched our hearts in any real way, it will show up in our relationships.  What does it mean when I say ‘If God has touched our hearts’?  That means we are aware that we are a mess, and we can’t do anything about it.  We know we can’t live out who we want to be.  We know there is sin in us, and we can’t do anything about it.  We are stuck. And yet, in . . . Read More »

Is It Possible To Be Of One Mind & Purpose?

When you walk into a room full of people…how do you see it?  How do you view and interpret what is happening around you?  How do you see people as you walk through life?  What is shaping how you view and interpret what is going on, how people are acting, and what you are experiencing?  Have you ever really stopped and thought about that?  Maybe we could call it our perspective or world view, but one of the . . . Read More »

Success Series Intro – 5 Reasons Why Our Christianity Doesn’t Seem To Be Working.

Have you ever heard someone who doesn’t go to church talk about Christians as hypocrites?  Have you ever heard someone say they would never go to church or be a Christian because Christians are so judgmental and act like they are perfect while the rest of us just aren’t living up to their lofty standards?  You probably have heard something like that, and I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to hear the hurt in someone saying . . . Read More »

Colossians – Choosing To Put On Love and Honor Christ In All We Do

Last week Ken really challenged us, didn’t he?  Now, to be fair, he told you going in that it was going to be something we have come to call a “no-hug” Sunday around here, so you were warned that it was going to be a challenging Sunday!  But that really has me thinking as I listened to his talk last week, as he worked his way through some of the practical choices Paul wants us to make as . . . Read More »

Redeemed & Forgiven – Elijah! Just Answer The Question!

Welcome back everyone to the big fall discussion we are in talking about what it could look like for us to live out a life that is Redeemed and Forgiven.  I think by now you can understand just how important this conversation really is, and just how relevant it is to the lives we are living today.  I mean can we just say it, life is so hard.  The world seems to push against us more and more . . . Read More »

21 People/Relationship Principles

21 principles on how to build relationships. Have you ever wondered why some people just struggle through life?  It just seems like no matter where they are, there is drama, confusion, and excuses as to why nothing works out.  Yet, other people seem to walk through life and there is a sense of calm.  They can appreciate others, and things just get done.  Why the difference?  Think of Jesus’ teaching.  The beginning of surrendering your relationships is thinking . . . Read More »

Thee Relationship Test To Know If You Have Heart Work To Do

We are talking about ‘Surrender’.  Surrender simply means, ‘I give up’.  Think of yourself waving a white flag and saying to God, “I’m done.  I’m done doing life my way.  From today on, I want to live Your way.” There is a great song we used to sing in church when I was kid called, ‘I Surrender All’.  Here are some of the lyrics. All to Jesus I surrender.  All to Him I freely give.  I will ever . . . Read More »

How Do You View Others?

So we are working our way through this series called Baseball which is the discussion that will take us all the way to Easter.  It’s incredible that this is our conversation in the times that we are in today…with so much uncertainty and a lot of unknowns unfolding every day with this Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.  It’s almost heightened or given more meaning and depth to what we are trying to accomplish in this series.  It’s amazing to watch . . . Read More »