Redeemed & Forgiven – Elijah! Just Answer The Question!

Welcome back everyone to the big fall discussion we are in talking about what it could look like for us to live out a life that is Redeemed and Forgiven.  I think by now you can understand just how important this conversation really is, and just how relevant it is to the lives we are living today.  I mean can we just say it, life is so hard.  The world seems to push against us more and more . . . Read More »

21 People/Relationship Principles

21 principles on how to build relationships. Have you ever wondered why some people just struggle through life?  It just seems like no matter where they are, there is drama, confusion, and excuses as to why nothing works out.  Yet, other people seem to walk through life and there is a sense of calm.  They can appreciate others, and things just get done.  Why the difference?  Think of Jesus’ teaching.  The beginning of surrendering your relationships is thinking . . . Read More »

Thee Relationship Test To Know If You Have Heart Work To Do

We are talking about ‘Surrender’.  Surrender simply means, ‘I give up’.  Think of yourself waving a white flag and saying to God, “I’m done.  I’m done doing life my way.  From today on, I want to live Your way.” There is a great song we used to sing in church when I was kid called, ‘I Surrender All’.  Here are some of the lyrics. All to Jesus I surrender.  All to Him I freely give.  I will ever . . . Read More »

How Do You View Others?

So we are working our way through this series called Baseball which is the discussion that will take us all the way to Easter.  It’s incredible that this is our conversation in the times that we are in today…with so much uncertainty and a lot of unknowns unfolding every day with this Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.  It’s almost heightened or given more meaning and depth to what we are trying to accomplish in this series.  It’s amazing to watch . . . Read More »

Walking Upstream

Today we are going to talk about what it means to bring integrity into your relationships with others, so we are talking today about bringing God into our relationships or our dealings with people in this world. And I am just going to start by telling you something, that I know is true but wish at times that it wasn’t true and it’s this…the world, and the people of it really don’t like you standing as who you . . . Read More »

Inviting The Holy Spirit Into All Of It

So today we continue our big Christmas series and I have to tell you I’m really excited for what we are going to get into today because we are going to really be addressing something that is so important to us as Christians and I will go as far as to say that it’s an area that we all have challenges in one way or another.  We are going to take something really spiritual, namely the Holy Spirit . . . Read More »

The Challenge of Real Love

It is hard to believe that we are already coming to the end of our big spring series on Emotionally Healthy Relationships.  Spring seemed to take a little longer to sprung than we would like but here we are in our last talk in our spring series before heading into our big summer study of Jesus’ famous teaching, The Sermon on the Mount.  I have to tell you this series has meant a lot to me for many reasons.  First the . . . Read More »

Everyone’s Favorite…Conflict

So we have been rolling right along now in this series on Emotionally Healthy Relationships which is so important for so many different reasons.  If you think about it, this series is so important is because life isn’t easy and what makes this life so challenging is the fact that we do life with people.  Can we just say it, life with people is not easy…and frankly it’s not something you can avoid.  Every day of your life . . . Read More »

To Love …Costs Deeply

Today we end the relationship series. Let’s do a quick recap of what it was all about. Week 1, we can’t love others well if our hearts grow cold. Have you seen this in yourself? You are busy doing all the right things in life but in the area of relationships, you are becoming more selfish or judgmental or critical. Week 2, we can’t love others well if we make assumptions. The moment we make assumptions, we create, . . . Read More »