The Product Of Humility In Our Lives

Have you ever been around a person who just makes you feel better about yourself?  Every time you are with them you walk away from them with more energy, and just feeling good?  Have you ever stopped and thought about why that person makes you feel so much better about yourself?  I wonder what characteristics we would begin to list out about this person, think about it for a moment.  Everyone of our lists would have some common . . . Read More »

Not Successful Until You Embrace Humility

Life is not easy.  You figured that out – right?!?  When life gets hard, what do we normally do?  When things go bad, when there are relationship messes, when there are hurts we can’t overcome, what do we naturally do?  We think about ourselves.  We all do it.  It’s normal.  We tend to go inward.  We think about how hard our lives are.  We focus on how unfair our lives are.  We secretly look at others and compare . . . Read More »