How to get over Hurt, Anger and Resentment

We are in a series about joy.  We explained that joy is different than happiness.  Happiness is what happens to us.  When I get new car, I am happy.  When my favorite football team wins, I am happy.  When I have a date for the dance, I am happy.  Happiness is temporary.  As fast as it comes, it can go. Joy if different.  It is a decision we make.  Joy is about character.  We explained that joy is . . . Read More »

Hurt and Lies and What do Do About It

Last week, Sam gave one of the most important talks a Christian could hear. If you follow Christ, and if you heard what Sam said and applied it, it would have radical implications. What did he say? Because of Jesus, your enemy has no power over you.  He can’t fight you straight up.  He can’t grab you and hold you back from making your way to Christ. He can’t grab you and hold you back from an eternal . . . Read More »