Thee Unapologetic Vision

Today, we are 20 years old. I wanted to briefly walk through how we got here and then I wanted to talk about what matters most, the heart of who we are as a church. To share some fun facts with you, I need to start and say, a couple families are still with us twenty years later.  We couldn’t get rid of them – lol.  These families were with us day one when we stood behind the . . . Read More »

Fighting Limits is Fighting God

Here is today’s big point.  We all have limits in our lives. If I’m younger than 16 years old, I cannot drive a car.  Why?  Because the State of Pa said it’s illegal.  I have a legal limit. I will never be an elite NFL wide receiver.  Why?  Because I am barely athletic enough to bring home the groceries let alone being in the NFL.  I have physical limits. If I have children in diapers, I will be . . . Read More »

To Be a Disciple of Jesus: Choices

If you have been walking with us this summer through Colossians, this will make a ton of sense.  I want to recap this letter so far.  Paul is writing the church in Colossae and basically says, what you are doing is hard work and it can feel very ordinary.  I pray that God anoints you with His glorious power so you as a church can live out Christianity with passion and power.  To keep God’s passion and power . . . Read More »

Anger: Why you are angry and what you can do about it

My daughter and I were coming home from flute lessons.  To be clear, I don’t play flute.  We noticed two cars going really fast and cutting in and out of traffic.  As they passed us, it was clear they were mad at each other.  Have you experienced road rage?  About a mile down the road, I knew there was a red light.  Sure enough, the closer we got, the light turned red.  This means, these two jack weeds . . . Read More »

When The Christian Heart Go Bad… what does it look like?

Today, how do we take God’s grace into this harsh world? We are in I a series called ‘Redeemed and Forgiven.’  In this series, we have spent over a month talking about God’s grace.  Why?  Because we believe that it is hard to fully grasp and be fully transformed by God’s grace.  Before we move on, let’s stop and think about that for a second.  I just said, it’s hard to fully grasp and to be fully transformed . . . Read More »

The Cost to Complacency

Today we close out our Old School series for the summer.  Let’s quickly walk through the story and the time line of what we experienced this summer. The Children of Israel were in slavery for around 400 years.  God, through Moses, freed them from Egypt and they ended up wandering in the desert and entered the promised land.  After Joshua died, they entered the days of Judges.  That lasted around 300 years.  They then entered the days of . . . Read More »

Welcome Back MRG Service – Psalm 146

Well everyone let me just say welcome back to you all!  It is so exciting to be able to get together today and wow, to come back together, to get to hang out and worship God outside is pretty cool if you ask me!  So we have a lot to be excited about which is awesome, but with all the excitement and freshness of getting together again I also think it could be easy for us to be . . . Read More »

How God Moves in this World

Welcome to the Old School series where we go back to the Old Testament to discover what God was doing and what it means to us today.  The challenge we have this summer is that the story of the Old Testament is a 4,000 years long story.  And, we only have thirteen weeks this summer.  That means we can’t even begin to jump into every story.  So, one of the challenges we want to give you is read . . . Read More »

June 14 service

Sing, Sing, Sing Chorus Sing, sing, sing And make music with the heavens We will sing, sing, sing Grateful that you hear us when we Shout your praise lift high the name of Jesus   Verse What’s not to love about you Heaven and earth adore you Kings and kingdoms bow down Son of God You are the one, you are the one You are the love that frees us You are the light that leads us Like . . . Read More »