The Idol of Money

The one sentence overview of the Sermon on the Mount would be: God sent Jesus to establish His kingdom in our hearts. The whole point of this sermon is the transformation of our hearts. I just warn you though; God’s kingdom is radically different than the kingdom, the culture, we live in. In the first part of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5, Jesus explains how God’s kingdom changes us from the inside out. He talks about . . . Read More »

Keeping Your Focus

I have to tell you, I have really enjoyed this series so far.  We kicked off 2018, and our church with this idea of making a commitment to being different in 2018 and beyond.  So by now you are probably picking up on the idea that here at MRC we want you to be engaging God in such a way that you are different from your encounter with Him.  That is a really big deal to us, because life change means . . . Read More »

Why Fuss At All? – Jesus

This past summer, we got a dog. I like to refer to her as a nine pound pooper. My family likes to call her Daisy. I was against getting the dog, and of course, the family of women I live with, was all for it. My daughter helped me by creating a chart. The chart showed me that if we buy the dog, over time, my happiness scale would go up. It was a very well done chart, . . . Read More »

Worship…a moment vs a Lifestyle

You know there are moments in my life when I’m really aware of God.  How about you?  There are moments in my life when I am full of worship for Him.  For me I am so focused on Him in those moments looking at the sunrise or the sunset.  It’s like I can feel God tapping me on the shoulder and saying “Hey Sam…look at what I have done.”  And it always amazes me.  Often times when I . . . Read More »

Money & God: we make it weird

This week I was reading 1 John 1. This is what hit me, verse 6. We are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness; we are not practicing the truth. NLT 1 John 1:6 You’re lying! You’re lying if you say you love God, have a relationship with God, and continue to make decisions to lead you to stumble into spiritual darkness. It reminded me of Romans when it . . . Read More »

Why Do I Need God?

I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life when I have wondered what God was up to.  There have been times in my life when I have wondered if God cared at all.  There have also been times in my life, when I questioned whether there was a God at all.  Have you ever been there?  You know what is really interesting about that?  When I really stop and think about those moments . . . Read More »

So What’s Wrong With Wanting Nice Things?

Did you ever really want something?  I mean like really want it?  I can tell you what that something was for me as a kid.  I really wanted a pair of Michael Jordan sneakers.  I mean I really wanted them.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  See I grew up in a time where we were shifting from sneakers just being something you cover your feet with, to sneakers being something you had to have to be cool.  . . . Read More »

Two Treasures, Two Perspectives, and Two Masters

So today we are going to continue our series on money called “Give to Caesar.”  I have to tell you I have really enjoyed this series and I told you the last time I spoke that in years gone by I wouldn’t have been very excited to talk to you about money because it was an area of my own life that wasn’t really going very well.  I have always been a lot better at spending money than . . . Read More »

Thanks for Grace, Hands Off my Money!

Today I want to do three things with you. Read scripture and have you think through, is what God said true? Ask, why do we give? What is the deal with giving? What does it look like when we don’t give? 10 “Bring to the storehouse a full tenth of what you earn so there will be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD All-Powerful. “I will open the windows of heaven for you . . . Read More »

Living For Eternity In A World Screaming Enjoy Today

So we have kind of gone right after it to start 2015 haven’t we?  We didn’t jump in to the typical launch the New Year series.  We didn’t jump into the Be-attitudes, or even a series on Grace…no, we have jumped head first into a sermon series on Money!  The one thing that no one wants to talk about.  I have to tell you the more we have engaged this series, and the more I have studied this . . . Read More »