Years ago, Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church [McBIC] wanted to plant a new church in the Dillsburg South area to reach and redeem people. They did just that. A group of people left McBIC to plant Mountain Ridge Church. The reason MRC was created was to be focused specifically on reaching people who are dying in their souls because the enemy has so badly beaten them down.

That means that MRC is on a mission. That mission defines everything we do. What is it? Simply put, we pull people out of hell. We have created Mountain Ridge Church to be that place where, no matter where people are or what has happened, they can be redeemed by God. So at MRC, we don’t invite people to a church and its busy religious activities and programs to entertain people; we invite them into a mission. The same mission Jesus died for. The mission of redeeming hearts of people.

This has a few implications. First, we want to help people be in an intimate, life giving relationship with God. To live a life where it’s normal to walk with the Holy Spirit. We don’t offer a lot of activities and programs to keep people busy. That kind of Christianity is like ‘painting by the numbers.’ Instead, we invite people to meet with God, walk with God, and be at peace.

Secondly, we invite everyone to join us on this very special mission, but it begins by understanding that MRC is not about the likes and dislikes of any one person. The mission is bigger than any one person. It’s about having maturity to give up personal likes and dislikes and joining with others to accomplish the kingdom mission. I hope this doesn’t offend you, I hope it inspires you with the same passion it did with the Apostles Peter and Paul and many other early church saints who were willing to give up their lives for the mission.

So we leave you with a question. What is church to you? Is it a place that should meet every need you have [multiply that by how many people attend church and you can see a problem forming], or is church a place that should be on a mission, demand maturity from those from within, so that the local church is better at helping God redeem hearts?

— Pastor Ken Landis