How To Share The Greatest News Of All Time Effectively

Welcome back to our God Questions series where we are taking the time to walk through and answer questions that I think we all have about God and our faith.  This series has allowed us to talk about some very good and important topics when it comes to our lives, and I must say, all of those questions lead us to the topic we are diving into today.  We have talked about making the most of our lives, . . . Read More »

What If Church Wasn’t About You?

Did you hear Sam’s talk last week?  I helped record it for YouTube and it was awesome.  It meant a lot to me because, like Sam, this is very personal to me.  It’s a decision we made over twenty years ago and we are still living it out today.  It’s the subject that I care deeply about and get very passionate about.  Last week you heard this in Dillsburg.  Next week you will hear his message in Heidlersburg. . . . Read More »

What Exactly Has God Been Up To?

This series is called ‘Do I Matter?’  We are walking through a 42-day daily devotional to discover just how much we matter.  The series started with the Foundation of Life: God loves you and created you on purpose.  Worship: trusting God in all the areas of life.  Trusting God so much, we are jump into His arms like a three-year-old on a kitchen counter jumping into his loving father’s arms.  Community: healthy community is when we are in . . . Read More »

The Proof That We Are Saved By God

Have you ever given up a day and volunteered somewhere?  Years ago, MRC led the Youth Impact Project.  It was incredible.  We helped financially struggling families prepare their kids for school.  It took all year long to plan for this one event.  It impacted thousands of families.  It was exhausting and it was awesome.  We walked away from that event feeling so tired and so fulfilled.  I’ll never forget the stories of the families who we helped. Have . . . Read More »

God Wants Character Development More Than Comfort

To the men out there, have you ever been working around the house and needed a tool to help you?  And if you are near the kitchen, isn’t it just easier to grab a kitchen knife or fork to help fix whatever you are fixing?  What happens?  We end up bending the knife or fork and we try to bend it back and put it back into the drawer.  Now, I have never done this, but I heard . . . Read More »