Solomon’s Offering You A Time Machine

Have you ever felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?  Do you feel like you are just always behind, and will never get it all done?  Does it feel like you are always chasing life, and never able to catch up?  If you stop and think today, could you describe your life as a constant game of 52-card pick-up?  You are always chasing, never able to get ahead.  You wake up stressed, in a hurry, . . . Read More »

If God Is For Us Who or What Ever Could Stop or Discourage Us?

Today is a very special day, it’s a combined service where both Heidlersburg and Dillsburg get to worship together.  This is something we always wanted as we plant churches, for all of us to have opportunities like this because we truly are one church in multiple locations.  We are also right in the middle of a really important conversation that centers around one very important and popular question.  That question is what is the point of church?  Quite . . . Read More »

The Cost of Insecurity and People Pleasing

Today, we will give you a test.  It’s ‘thee’ test to see if you struggle with being insecure and if it is impacting your relationship with others and God.  How will we do that today?  We will be looking into the life of one of the key leaders in the Old Testament and the decisions he made.  He was insecure.  He was a people pleaser.  He struggled to be fully surrendered to God.  And because of that, he . . . Read More »