Do you feel stuck?

Most of us do. Here at MRC we believe that it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to do something about it.

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Sermon Series

Some follow Jesus because they believe Jesus will make their lives better, easier, and more comfortable.  They wants tips and techniques on positive thinking, avoidance of struggle, and the promise of success.  Then a life event hits and leaves us broken.  We discover, a shallow religion of positive thinking doesn’t provide the answers to what God has allowed to happen.  We must go deeper, much deeper.  But how?  That’s what you will discover in this series, how to practically walk with Jesus.

From Our Blog

Thee Unapologetic Vision

Today, we are 20 years old. I wanted to briefly walk through how we got here and then I wanted to talk about what matters most, the heart of who we are as a church. To share some fun facts with you, I need to start and say, a couple families are still with us twenty years later.  We couldn’t get rid of them – lol.  These families were with us day one when we stood behind the . . . Read More »