A church that wasn’t built around people’s likes or dislikes but instead was unapologetic, passionate, and relentless in pursuing the lost.

MRC Dillsburg

The Warehouse

32 Big Dam Rd, Dillsburg, PA 17019

MRC Gettysburg

Heidlersburg Fire Hall



Sermon Series

Jesus asked a lot of questions. He asked a lot more questions than He answered. Have you ever thought about why He did this? When we slow down and answer His questions, we are forced to think, answering them gives us ownership of His teachings, and we can grow into the people God created us to be. Jesus was always asking questions. Many of the questions seem so simple, they come out in conversations and can be so subtle that we overlook them. But if we see them, and answer them for ourselves, they are life-changing.  Join us as we engage The Simple Questions of Jesus!  Just remember, simple doesn’t mean easy!

From Our Blog

What It Takes To Follow Jesus

I want to start with a couple of questions today. Let’s start here: Are you good at following instructions? If your boss comes up to you at the beginning of the day and gives you some things to do, will you hear it and then follow through?  How do you handle someone telling you what to do?  Maybe you can do it, but you need to know why you have to do it.  Maybe you will do it, . . . Read More »