Do you feel stuck?

Most of us do. Here at MRC we believe that it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to do something about it.

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finding God

Sermon Series

Summer Series – Finding God.  How do you view church?  Where do people find God?  What if the local church was created for the community to find God?  A place of hope, healing, and forgiveness.  A place where the community sees God at work.  How beautiful would it be to see people invest into the spiritual condition of their community through the church.

From Our Blog

Practically, How Do I Join God in What He Is Doing?

Where does our community find God? That’s why every local church in every community is so important. The series we are in is called, ‘Finding God.’ We are talking about church, the presence of God and our role in all of it. We started with the story of Jesus going to a party to hang out with what the church people of His day called, ‘notorious sinners.’ When Jesus heard their criticism, Jesus shot back: “It is the . . . Read More »

What Could Be

Over the last few years we have taken the summer and studied a book of the Bible.  Quite frankly it’s something that I look forward to every year.  Over the past few years we have studied some of Paul’s letters, and James…and this year I was really gearing up to study 1st and 2nd Peter with you all.  I enjoy picking the scriptures apart like that…but that isn’t the direction we went this summer…instead we are jumping into . . . Read More »