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Sermon Series

Christmas for us is looking back at the birth of Jesus.  For the Jewish people, they waited for this moment for over 2,000 years.  They waited.  They experienced defeat.  They prayed.  They persevered.  They hoped.  Finally, when the angels told the shepherds that God had come, the Messiah was born, it brought an unspeakable joy.  Think about that.  Finally, God is with us.

What does that mean to us looking back to Jesus’ birth?  Jesus came and left.  Is it a cute story to tell our kids on Christmas Eve or is there something bigger going on?  Come and discover that God is with us.  Through the Holy Spirit, God brings His power into every believer’s live – today.

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This is from Pete Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast… EH LEADER PODCAST The 4 Christmas Killers Sadly, Advent is a low point spiritually for most Christian leaders. This was my experience for years. I was told Christmas was THE time to get as many people to the church as possible, to close the financial year strong, to thank all our leaders, and to model reaching out to our neighbors for Christ. The problem was that, in the process, . . . Read More »

Let’s Talk About Life…

I want to start today by telling you that we are in my favorite week or two of the year, I love this time of year.  Maybe that should be more of a warning, because this time of year, hits my heart pretty hard.  I love Thanksgiving.  It’s my favorite holiday.  I grew up always looking forward to this time of year.  It just always hit me as a time of laughter and joy and rest, after what . . . Read More »