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Sermon Series

We live in a world of people who are struggling.  We are seeing people fall into depression, and anxiety, with mental health cases rising daily.  What is interesting is that while we see a general heightened awareness, and acknowledgement that we should take care of our mental and emotional health, we are also seeing mental and emotional health issues growing daily.  Nothing we do seems to fix the problem.  So the question must be asked.  Are we missing something?  What if our problems go deeper than a practical fix or remedy, and need to be dealt with on a profoundly spiritual level?  We live in a world distancing itself from God and ignoring the soul, which is the source of our lives, and if we ignore it, it can also become the source of our pain.  Join us this fall for a profoundly important conversation on an often-ignored area of our lives…the soul.

From Our Blog

I’m Depressed, Where Is God?

Welcome to our series called ‘Soul Care’.  Soul Care is about us dealing directly with mental health issues.  Today we will talk about depression.  But quickly, remember Sam’s talk on discouragement last week?  It was an excellent talk about how life circumstances lead us to be discouraged.  Sam said discouragement in our lives is a soul issue.  Discouragement is how our soul processes adversity, challenges, and trials in our lives.  He then gave four steps to help overcome . . . Read More »