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Most of us do. Here at MRC we believe that it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to do something about it.

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Sermon Series

Foundations, a study of the Sermon on the Mount

Wouldn’t you like to see life as God sees it?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what the foundations are to the Christian faith?  Can’t anyone just make it understandable?  That’s the beauty of the Sermon on the Mount.  It is reality as God sees it.  Jesus takes all the ‘God stuff’ and makes is stunningly practical.  And if you read it, it only takes about 20 minutes. 

But be prepared.  It may not be what you expect.  In a world that wants deeper teaching and the complex, it’s actually simple.  In a world that wants comfort and safety, it may sound radical or extreme.  In a world that pulls you to go with the crowd, it is countercultural. 

From Our Blog

“This, Then, Is How You Should Pray.”

So last week as we kicked off Matthew 6 and I told you that these next three weeks or so are really going to get fun as we dive into Jesus’ words here in this chapter and here is why.  He gets very practical, and in some ways really gives us a ‘how to’ lesson on some important things like prayer which we are going to really dive into this week, and materialism and giving next week, and . . . Read More »

Teach Us To Pray

Today we are looking at the most fundamental, most important, most life giving, most intimate, most life transforming subject and spiritual discipline in the entire Christian faith. It’s also probably the most questioned, the most worked on, and the one of the most neglected. Last week we began Matthew chapter 6, and right in the middle of His teaching on the heart, Jesus teaches us how to pray. There is so much that can be talked about when . . . Read More »