What Could Be

Over the last few years we have taken the summer and studied a book of the Bible.  Quite frankly it’s something that I look forward to every year.  Over the past few years we have studied some of Paul’s letters, and James…and this year I was really gearing up to study 1st and 2nd Peter with you all.  I enjoy picking the scriptures apart like that…but that isn’t the direction we went this summer…instead we are jumping into . . . Read More »

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

So last week I think we really started to hit our stride in this study of Jesus’ very famous Sermon on the Mount and that is really going to continue today.  So by this fourth week of the series it’s probably becoming pretty apparent to you that Jesus is really pushing in hard on us and how we live.  Jesus has a way of thinking and living that is just completely opposite than the way we humans think . . . Read More »

How Do I Find Myself?

So ever since we began this church in January we have been working our way through one big series called ‘Different.’  This series has meant a lot to me, because the whole idea is that we should be different because of our encounter with God and His amazing love for us.  When God’s love is pouring into and out of us we can’t help but change, we can’t help but be different.  I think this has been a phenomenal way for . . . Read More »

Do You Remember?

So today we are going to jump ahead a little in our study of 1 Corinthians and at Chapter 9.  It’s a Better Together Sunday which means the children stay in the service with us today.  So here’s the deal, next week you will probably understand why we skipped ahead a bit as Ken drops back into Chapter 5, BUT there is a major benefit to this and it is absolutely intentional that Chapter 9 is placed on . . . Read More »

You Matter

You matter more than you will ever know. We are in a series called ‘Risk.’ We started the series with Peter’s story when Jesus calls out to Peter to invite him out of the boat. Peter had to face and overcome fear. We said, to follow Christ, we too will have to face and overcome fear. We said the most dangerous place we could ever be; is in the boat. The best place to me, is to follow . . . Read More »

The Mind Blowing Invitation

Last week we really kicked off our new series called “Risk.”  I thought Ken and Kim did a great job of really challenging us and let’s face it, for a lot of us it is important to have someone love us enough to challenge us to get out of the boat, because it is easy to get comfortable.  It is easy to find warmth and security inside the “boat” we call life, and not be willing to take . . . Read More »

The Greatest Invitation You Will Ever Have and how we mess it up

I have a couple questions for you. What is it that you dream about? How much passion do you experience in your daily life? Are you growing, learning new things and excited about it? How often do you take risks that require God’s power? Are you a part of something bigger than yourself? I ask you these questions because last week Sam said that we can live bold and free. 18 My dear children, let’s not just talk . . . Read More »

I Can Live Bold and Free?

Today we are going to focus on a scripture that has really impacted my heart lately but before I share it with you I want to talk to you about why I believe this particular scripture has made such an impact on me.  I believe it is because it describes the kind of life I want to have and I would be willing to bet it’s the kind of life that you want to have too.  But while . . . Read More »

Our God Given GPS

So today we are concluding the series on the Holy Spirit and I will tell you, I don’t really want it to end.  This is such a huge topic, it’s so big it’s hard to cover in just a couple of sermons.  The Holy Spirit is so important, and what is funny is I think that the Spirit is often overlooked and can be so misunderstood.  We have spent a lot of time in this series bringing you . . . Read More »

When You are Out of Step with Jesus, How Do You Know?

On Easter Sunday, we had a great kid moment. A family sat in the front row with their young daughters. One of the girls is named Faith. When Sam got up to host, he said, “Today we are talking about faith.” This little girl thought, Easter was about her! I love those moments. Let’s jump right into our story today. This is an interaction between Jesus and His disciples. It’s an important interaction because the disciples are caught . . . Read More »