We exist for you!

We are a religion free zone.  We have one expectation of you and that is that you come and just be yourself!

What should I expect Sunday mornings at MRC?

When you come to MRC, you should expect fun, freedom, and life!  We aren’t worried about what you are wearing.  We aren’t going to pass an offering plate, so don’t worry about hiding your wallet.  All we want is to give you an environment to shrug off the chaos of the week that was…and to stop, relax, and allow God to touch your heart!

Who will I see on Sunday Mornings?

You will see lot’s of different people on our stage on a Sunday morning.  We are a team and enjoy sharing the stage, here’s a few of the people you will see on any given week at MRC.

Our Worship Team:  Patrick Wolfkill is our worship leader and does a great job of leading us into a time of worship.  Patrick continues to build a team around him of talented musicians and does so in a way that is always pointing the focus of worship to where it should be, which would be on the God we are worshiping!  He continues to add to this team weekly, and you will see lots of different musicians, musical styles, and talent on our stage which we truly enjoy.

Our Communicators:  Just as you see different musicians and singers on our stage on a weekly basis, you will hear from different communicators as well.  Ken Landis and Sam Hepner handle the majority of our teachings.  Ken and Sam share the sermon series at both locations.