I’m Depressed, Where Is God?

Welcome to our series called ‘Soul Care’.  Soul Care is about us dealing directly with mental health issues.  Today we will talk about depression.  But quickly, remember Sam’s talk on discouragement last week?  It was an excellent talk about how life circumstances lead us to be discouraged.  Sam said discouragement in our lives is a soul issue.  Discouragement is how our soul processes adversity, challenges, and trials in our lives.  He then gave four steps to help overcome . . . Read More »

Discouragement Is How Your Soul Processes The Challenging Circumstances Of Life

Welcome everyone to week two of our big fall series on the Soul.  We have jumped into an incredibly important conversation, on the most important part of our lives…the most important, but also the most ignored area of our lives.  We are talking about and focusing on the soul.  This is a big deal because we live in a world full of people who are struggling right now.  People are struggling emotionally, mentally, and relationally.  Our inner worlds . . . Read More »

Change or Die

Imagine a doctor meeting with their patient.  In that meeting, the doctor says, “You have one year to live.  However, if you change your habits, what you eat, and how you exercise, you will live for years for years and years.  The bottom line is, you must change, or you will die in one year.” Here is my question for you.  How many people do you think, when confronted with a demand to change or die, make the . . . Read More »