The Divorce Rate Should Tell You Something… You Have an Enemy

I want to read a story for you.  Before I do, I need to give it some context.  The king of Syria was in a war with the king of Israel.  Every time the king of Syria would try a surprise attack on the king of Israel, God would tell the prophet Elisha and he would warn the king of Israel.  The king of Syria was furious and thought he had a traitor in his army.  He couldn’t . . . Read More »

What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn’t Come Through For You

Welcome to our marriage series.  We started by saying that to be good at being married begins with being good at dating.  And to be good at dating begins with being good at being single.  So really, a great marriage begins when you are single. I would also say, after the wedding day, to be good at being married requires us to grow up into emotional and spiritual maturity.  But sometimes instead of growing and changing couples who . . . Read More »

Why Your Spouse is Nuts

Last week we read that Peter asked Jesus, “How many times do we forgive someone who has hurt us, 7 times?”  Jesus said, “No, 70 times 7.”  We said that basically means you forgive the person as long as they are in your life.  However, if you do the math, that’s 490 times.  At the end of the service last week, a couple came to me and jokingly said, “Ken, we have been married a long time.  We . . . Read More »

How to be good at Marriage

When I prepare a couple to be married, I want them to think through what it means to be married.  To do this, I ask them a simple question.  Think about all the marriages you know, how many of those marriages do you think are awesome?  Maybe the kind of marriage you want to become.  They normally sit back and think about the question.  The normal answer, they can think of three to four marriages that are awesome.  . . . Read More »

How To Be Good at Dating

We started last week by saying, if you want to be good at marriage, you need to be good at dating.  And if you want to be good at dating, you need to be good at being single.  So really, a good marriage starts when you are single.  To understand what the bible says about being single, we looked at 1 Corinthians 7.  Paul in his letter to the church in Corinth basically said, I wish everyone was . . . Read More »

How to be Good at Being Single: The Test

Welcome to a new year.  Hopefully you have made some resolutions and hopefully you are able to push through and make them a habit.  At the gym I go to, I see a lot of new faces and they are messing up my routine.  I can selfishly say, I hope they give up and don’t come back.  That’s wrong to say – right!  LOL. We are jumping into a marriage series.  To talk about how to make a . . . Read More »

Who We Are In Our Marriage Matters

So last week Ken kicked off a brand new series that I am really excited about and I will tell you why.  It’s because what we are doing is taking all the God principles that we talk about here at MRC, and we are pulling them into our practical lives.  That is awesome!  Ken was introducing us to the idea last week of integrity…the idea that who we are matters.  This is very important, because our culture today . . . Read More »

The Connection

1 Corinthians 6-7 Do you believe there is a connection between your relationship with God and how you view sex? So if you are in a relationship with God, He loves you and you love Him, do you think that relationship should determine how you behave sexually? The people of Corinth didn’t. They saw no connection. They believed their body and spirit were separate. That means they believed that their spirit could love God, and at the same . . . Read More »

It’s Profoundly Spiritual

Well today is the finale of the marriage series and I am just going to come right out and say it, this series has been a really big deal.  It has been a big deal to my wife and I in our marriage, and as I have spoken to many of you over the last few weeks I’m realizing that I am not alone in that…this series has been special, and it has shown us so much about . . . Read More »

What Research Tells Us About Marriage

Today, I want to get really practical. I think we can be in church, read 1 Corinthians 13, worship, hear a marriage talk and feel pretty close to our spouse. Then we go home. What do you discover when you try to apply everything you hear about marriage? You discover your spouse is nuts. I don’t mean that in a negative or critical way. More like, they couldn’t be more opposite than you. It’s like they speak an . . . Read More »