We Really Have No Idea What God Is Up To

My main point today is that we really have no idea how God works or how God wants to grow His kingdom.  We don’t.  God seems to work quietly.  God seems to take His time.  God seems to allow good and bad things to happen to us while His plans unfold.  In all of it, as we look back over our lives, we can see how God loved us or protected us or was trying to get our . . . Read More »

The Parable of the Sheep and Goats

Welcome back everyone to our conversation on The Parables of Jesus.  It’s hard to believe but this is my last talk in this series, and I have to tell you, I’m really going to miss this series.  This series has really impacted me in many ways, but one of the things that has really hit my heart lately is just how important these Parables have been to our lives right now…just how timely each talk has been to . . . Read More »

What Does it Look Like to Wait for Jesus’ Return?

The Parable Series we are in is winding down.  We will be starting a new series called ‘Do I Matter?’ in a couple of weeks.  In our new series we will be handing out a 40-day daily devotional to walk through.  Actually, it’s 42 days because the book we rewritten, and they added 2 more days.  We are praying that this coming Thanksgiving and Christmas Season will be a time for you to discover just how much you . . . Read More »

The Importance of An Actual Relationship With God

You know, when it comes to our spirituality and our church lives there are just some things that can really keep me up at night.  There are things that matter so much to me, that I can’t really get them out of my mind.  So as I walk through life, and work on things around church, attend events and different Christian activities…go to leadership trainings or even just bump into Christians out in the real world, there are . . . Read More »

Our Culture: From Godly To Godless in 100 Years

Do you know anyone who says, “Things are great and getting better every day”?  I don’t either.  I tend to be a pretty optimistic person but it’s true that things feel more and more chaotic.  Things feel more intense than ever before.  Everyone seems so divided.  Everyone seems on edge.  People report feeling overwhelmed, tired, and distracted. And as Christians we have questions for God – don’t we?  Over the last couple years, people have asked me the . . . Read More »