Are You Experiencing The Overwhelming Victory That is Yours Through Jesus?

It’s Easter Sunday, which is a day of celebration.  It’s often a busy day of family get-togethers, Easter baskets, and Easter Egg Hunts.  For many, it’s a day to dress a little nicer to go to church, and for some, it’s a tradition to go to church on bigger holidays like Christmas and Easter.  So, for many inside their churches, it’s an exciting day with visitors and more attendance and energy around the church services.  And all this . . . Read More »

The Great Commission

Yesterday, Sam walked us through the story after Easter.  He spent time walking us through the scripture of how Jesus restored Peter heart after Peter denied Jesus three times.  I hope you are seeing how intense these moments are.  There are big things going on.  And they have huge spiritual implications. Let’s jump into scripture for today.  Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:12-13, Acts 2:1-4, Acts 2:40-47 Matthew 28:16-20 TLB 16 Then the eleven disciples left for Galilee, going to . . . Read More »

The Story of Easter Morning

Welcome to Easter morning.  Sam and I have been praying for you.  This past week, we have been walking you through scripture to better understand Holy Week.  Where did Jesus go every day?  What did Jesus say?  What did Jesus experience? Yesterday was very intense.  I really enjoyed how Sam walked us through each moment of the day.  He was betrayed and arrested.  He was on trial.  He went to the cross.  Sam lead us through every moment . . . Read More »