Do Something! Learning From Jonathan’s Daring Plan

Over the last few Sundays that I have been with you, we focused on the concept of Spiritual Maturity.  We talked about what it is, how it is measured, (which is by our ability to love others) and I believe most importantly we discussed the idea that Spiritual Maturity doesn’t just fall in your lap.  It’s not just given to you.  Living and loving like Christ challenges us, goes against our human instincts, and just isn’t easy, and . . . Read More »

Godly Success in this World Explained

Today we continue to take a deep dive into Proverbs.  That simply means we are pulling out the bigger topics of Proverbs and taking the time to talk about them.  Last week Sam pulled out a huge theme that is all through Proverbs.  What is it?  The battle between humility and pride.  I don’t know what you took from his message but it was very helpful and very clear.  He shared a quote with us that really helped . . . Read More »