I’m Just A Little Set In My Ways…

So here in 2019 we started a pretty big series entitled “What is your kryptonite?” and it’s really our prayer that you are tracking with this series so far because there have been some pretty big concepts that have come out as this series is starting to get rolling.  Starting with this whole idea of what our lives SHOULD look like as followers of Jesus, do you remember that?  We were using terms like freedom, and victory and . . . Read More »

Who the Son sets free is free indeed…right?

Well here we are in a brand new year!  2019!  The New Year is always so exciting right?  I mean for so many of us this is a time of hope, and optimism about what could be in the brand new year, which I think is awesome.  This is a time for those New Year’s Resolutions and just a chance to almost hit reset and get a fresh start on so many things for us in so many . . . Read More »

Right Thing, Wrong Heart

Good morning everyone! Today we are looking at the next chunk of Jesus’ teaching, what I am titling “Right Thing, Wrong Heart.” We’re moving into Chapter 6 now of Matthew, if you want to turn or click there awhile. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a theme behind almost every section of the Sermon on the Mount that we’ve looked at, and it’s a pretty clear one: God is concerned about your heart. Sure, . . . Read More »

What If There Is More?

You know here at MRC we work really hard to introduce you to the magnitude of The Cross.  We want to introduce you to the amazing gift that our Heavenly Father gave us through Jesus.  This is our primary objective, to help people push through the complexities of religion, and the pain and hurts and confusion of mistakes and sin and to help people see just how simple, how loving, and how pure a relationship with Jesus can . . . Read More »

Our Focus Determines Our Experience

My children and I have a new tradition that started this year that I’m having a blast with.  Every day after school we go to a different park with our dog Toby and we run.  Well the boys definitely run, and I do my best to run, let’s call it a jog, while Monica walks our dog.  It is probably my favorite thing to do right now outside of hiking with my family.  I look forward to it . . . Read More »

Taming the Tongue

We’re now into week 3 of our study of James, and I know that if you have been here, paying attention, and seriously working on this stuff in your life, you’ve already started to grow in your spiritual maturity, as well as probably in your relationship with Jesus. Let’s just do quick, one liner recaps of the last two weeks. The first week we looked at how we handle adversity and tough times. Can I just say good . . . Read More »

Walking With The Holy Spirt

You know life is hard.  We talk about that a lot around here.  I think anyone who has lived more than a few years on this Earth would agree with that statement.  Here’s something more depressing than that.  Life doesn’t get easier as you get older. You grow up and each stage of life brings new challenges, more responsibilities…life just doesn’t seem to get any easier.  And here’s what is more interesting…I grow up and each year I . . . Read More »

What Are You Willing To Do?

So today we are wrapping up our series on joy, and if you think about where all this series has gone you may have an idea of where we are headed today.  We started with trying to understand what joy is and what joy is not.  We learned where joy is found.  It’s found in God.  We learned how Sabbath rest helps us connect to the source of joy which is God.  We looked at joy in our . . . Read More »

My License To Sin?

You know it’s amazing to me how different subjects that are taught here at MRC seem to get different responses from everyone.  Some of the topics are inspiring to people and hit our hearts.  When we talk about grace, and love and forgiveness we know that we will get some hugs.  When we talk about authority, or we try to expose the religious spirit, or obedience or holiness…well Ken and I just refer to those Sundays as “no . . . Read More »

Lovers Of Emptiness…No Way, Not Me!

So today should be interesting, because I am speaking to you about another way to wreck your heart.  That is to run to things for what only God can give you.  What we are talking about today is idol worship.  Now I know for a lot of us when we talk about idol worship you think of stuff.   You picture the children of Israel bowing down to the Golden Calf, and think who in their right mind would . . . Read More »