The Greatest Thing You Could Ever Do

I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of fun last week.  I know we were talking about a subject that can be a little touchy when it comes to church, but I guess that was really part of my point last week.  Why is it so touchy?  Why is it so unnerving to people to talk about money, and our material possessions in church?  You see that was really part of the bigger issue we were hitting on.  I wanted . . . Read More »

The Ultimate, Highest Level, Greatest Discipleship

Recently, an article I read said that about 80% of New Year’s resolutions end by February. For me that’s actually great news because I’m selfish and the gym I go to, is way too full right now, we need to see some people quit the gym. We see a ton of people come in January and by March, the gym is back to normal. I’m looking forward to March. Why does that happen? In general, people don’t change . . . Read More »

Three Things You Need to Follow Christ

One of the ironies about life is that we make decisions but we have no idea what the full implications are. You decide on a job. You have no idea what will happen in the next ten years. Will it be great? Will the company move to another state? Will another company buy your company out? You don’t know. Where you live. Who you marry. What car you own. What church you attend. Life is about taking one . . . Read More »

Highest Level of Maturity

The foundation to being a disciple of Jesus; is to be broken. That means we see our need of God. The Bible says; 16 Going through the motions doesn’t please you, a flawless performance is nothing to you. 17 I learned God-worship when my pride was shattered. MSG Psalms 51:16-17 It’s not about going through religious motions. It’s not about a flawless performance. Being a disciple of Christ is all about the heart. A pride shattered heart. Pride . . . Read More »

Following Christ: A Part Time Job

A part time job helps you make ends meet but you really don’t want to be there – right? Today we talk about what happens when we treat following Christ like a part time job. We might know, to some degree, that we need God but we really don’t want to follow Christ. Let’s start with a few questions. Have you ever opened up your heart to a person and started a friendship, a Christian, only to see . . . Read More »

Keeping It Real

Here at MRC we try to keep things as real as possible.  It is something we literally pray for each and every Sunday.  That this would be real.  We don’t want this to be something we do on the surface that doesn’t penetrate our hearts.  We want to be able to be the same people here at church that we are in every other environment all week long, and we are very focused on bringing you God’s word . . . Read More »

Going Backward to Move Forward

So today we are heading into the fifth chapter of the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and you are probably seeing by now that we are really starting to dive into the deepest parts of who we are.  Well today I think we are going to discuss something that we all have in common, and I think if we can face it, and engage this it can really get to the core of some huge challenges that we all . . . Read More »

Standing In Your True Self

Have you ever looked around and wondered what started the latest fad or trend?  I know I’m getting older and maybe a little grumpy but there are some trends that I wish would just go away.  I got to tell you if I see one more kid flip a water bottle and think it’s cool when it lands properly I’m going to lose it!  I could do without that little fad.  I have to say the skinny jean . . . Read More »

How Do You Respond When Adversity Hits?

You know raising kids has been quite an educational process for me.  As a father there are somethings that just matter to me more than others and who my kids are is a really big deal to me.  The amazing thing about my children is that even though they all share Mashawn and I’s DNA…they are all so different.  They have different personalities and they all challenge me in different ways.  Some of them think a little more . . . Read More »

Peace In KNOWING Who You Are

So today we are closing down the Gratitude series, and you know for a lot of this, myself included a series on being grateful just couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s amazing how as we get running through this busy and cluttered world, how quickly we can forget all that we have to be grateful for.  I think that is why so much of this series really nailed our hearts.  Because we live in a world . . . Read More »