Concluding A Series On Spiritual Warfare and The Heart With A Conversation On Our Thinking

It’s hard to believe that today is the epic conclusion of our first big conversation of the year called Rise Up and Stand Firm.  This series has really meant a lot to us here at MRC because we are talking about things that we all deal with and feel in our everyday lives. We are talking about rising up as the people that God created us to be in a world that is designed to keep us from . . . Read More »

The Danger Of Greed Is How Much Farther It Reaches Than Our Pocket Books

We have been in an awesome conversation this year called Rise Up & Stand Firm.  I’m thinking that at this point, if you have been walking with us, you are seeing just how significant this series is and also how personal and relevant this is to our lives.  I know it has meant a lot to me on a personal level, because we are talking about standing up as the people that God created us to be in . . . Read More »

Rise Up & Stand Firm – The Foundation Matters

You know I’m just going to start by telling you how much I’m enjoying this first series of 2021 called “Rise Up & Stand Firm.”  What we are doing is challenging you to rise up and stand firm even as life throws so many challenges your way.  Life isn’t easy and we are never going to pretend that it is.  So how do you “rise up” when everything in life is pushing against you? How can you “stand . . . Read More »