Who Is Jesus to You?

Jesus asked a lot of questions.  Did you know that?  You probably know Jesus said things like, ‘Love your enemy.’  You probably know Jesus healed people.  You know that Jesus walked from town to town.  But did you know that Jesus asked a lot of questions?  Let’s quickly review the questions we have talked about so far. Do you want to get well?  What do you want?  Why are you thinking these things?  Do you understand what I . . . Read More »

What It Takes To Follow Jesus

I want to start with a couple of questions today. Let’s start here: Are you good at following instructions? If your boss comes up to you at the beginning of the day and gives you some things to do, will you hear it and then follow through?  How do you handle someone telling you what to do?  Maybe you can do it, but you need to know why you have to do it.  Maybe you will do it, . . . Read More »

Jesus Asked – What Do You Want?

Welcome back to our summer Bible Study called The Simple Questions of Jesus.  I think we already understand that just because the questions sound simple, it doesn’t make them easy to answer, but wow, it can be life-changing when we do.  This study is one I have been looking forward to because it allows us to step into an exercise where we are slowing down and focusing on the very intentional questions Jesus asked and answering them for . . . Read More »

Jesus Asked – Why Are You Thinking These Things In Your Hearts?

I know it’s Memorial Day Weekend, but I would like to get us thinking right off the bat here today.  What do you think influences your life the most?  What do you think is directing your life and impacting your life experiences more than anything else?  Now, we are in church, so we may say God, and yeah, that is a good answer.  Some might say it’s my family and loved ones.  Some might say their job or . . . Read More »