Three Things We Must Do to Stay On Our Spiritual Journey

Welcome everyone to the fifth week of our big Summer Series called “Old School.”  I hope that you have been enjoying this series as much as we have so far.  We are having a lot of fun really diving into the Old Testament with you and our prayer is that as we study Scripture you are seeing just how much these Old School stories apply to our lives today.  It is so important to us that you are . . . Read More »

Why Does God Allow Me To Face so Many Challenges?

We are in a series called ‘Old School.’  When we say ‘Old School’, these are the things we are not talking about.  Do you remember the store Block Buster?  You walked in to rent a VHS tape?  Do you remember rotary phones?  Do you remember when seat belts were those things you jammed into the seat because they were in your way?  Do you remember when your parents washed your mouth out with soap?  Do you remember when . . . Read More »