The Cost to Complacency

Today we close out our Old School series for the summer.  Let’s quickly walk through the story and the time line of what we experienced this summer. The Children of Israel were in slavery for around 400 years.  God, through Moses, freed them from Egypt and they ended up wandering in the desert and entered the promised land.  After Joshua died, they entered the days of Judges.  That lasted around 300 years.  They then entered the days of . . . Read More »

A Man After God’s Own Heart Falls to Sin & Temptation

It is hard to believe that today we are closing out the Old School Series.  We have had so much fun diving into the Old Testament with you.  It felt like the perfect series for the times that we are living in today.  It can be easy for us to dismiss or pass off the Old Testament and it’s stories because they happened so long ago, but our hope was that you could see just how much their . . . Read More »

How to Follow Your Leader, Even The One You Didn’t Vote For

Today might be a no hug Sunday.  That’s a Mountain Ridge Church inside joke.  Do you know what a no hug Sunday means?  When we talk about God’s grace or talk about God’s love for us, people normally are very grateful and respond with a huge hug on their way home.  Today we talk about how we respond to the leaders in our lives, even the ones you didn’t vote for.  See what I mean, probably a no . . . Read More »

Old School Series – David Part 1 – Waiting to Be King

I don’t know what is going on with me lately, maybe it’s just part of getting older, but I have found myself in a spot where I can’t look at life, or my children, or just different things without seeing all of it.  Don’t worry I’m going to explain that.  So a couple weeks ago I watched my oldest daughter graduate High School.  I just sat there watching her walk in her cap and gown, they called her . . . Read More »