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Loafin Around Town: This is MRC’s bread ministry.  We pick up bread each week from Panera and package and deliver it to those in need.

This ministry is lead by John and Connie Hostler.


Traffick411: A group dedicated to ending Human Trafficking.

Their mission statement: We seek to break the physical, spiritual, and emotional chains of modern day slavery one person at a time.  We are dedicated to restoring the lives of local victims through prevention, rescue, and restoration.

Please visit http://www.traffick411.org/ for more information.

Follow @traffick411 on twitter for updates

Cooking and Baking at MRC:  Do you enjoy cooking and baking?  Does it bring you to life to cook for others?  If so this is the ministry for you.  Come join our group of very talented cooks who support our church and ministry cooking and baking needs!